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How Brooke & Taylor’s Rivalry Began On The Bold and the Beautiful!

The Bold and the Beautiful Taylor and BrookeThe Bold and the Beautiful Taylor and Brooke

Taylor begged for Brooke’s support on The Bold and the Beautiful, now that Brooke knows that Taylor pumped lead into Bill. It’s the latest development in the duo’s long-running dynamic. Do you remember how their feud began?

Soap Hub takes a look back at one of B&B’s longest-running rivalries, that of Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) vs. Taylor (Hunter Tylo)!

The Merry Widower: Once Ridge (then Ronn Moss; now Thorsten Kaye) became a widower after his bride Caroline (Joanna Johnson) died, he became available.

Taylor had a clear shot at him as Brooke was wed to Eric (John McCook) at this time despite Ridge and Brooke’s compelling chemistry. When Ridge wanted Brooke to stay with his dad, he proposed marriage to Taylor. The couple wed. Advantage: Taylor.

Missing In Action: In 1994, Taylor was presumed dead in a plane crash. Ridge didn’t waste any time reconnecting with Brooke, and later that same year the couple wed on a beach in Malibu.

The ceremony brought Brooke’s family back for some memorable episodes. Finally, after seven years of wanting to marry Ridge, Brooke became his wife. Advantage: Brooke.

Surprise Proposal: Taylor came back from the dead but Ridge decided he wanted to propose to Brooke. He learned the night before he was going to pop the question that Brooke was kissing another man (Grant Chambers, played by Charles Grant).

Ridge’s plan to ask Brooke to marry him was off; instead, he popped the question to Taylor. Advantage: Taylor.

Dearly Departed: Taylor was presumed dead again in 2002 after she was shot by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Brooke was shot, too, but her wound was minor compared to Taylor’s. Soon, Brooke gravitated (again) to Ridge, and they were married. Advantage: Brooke.

She’s Ba-ack: In 2005, Taylor returned from the dead after (again) being kept a “guest” of Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) of Morocco. Ridge was on the fence as to which woman he would choose, but Stephanie (Susan Flannery) faked a heart attack. This tipped the scales in Taylor’s favor. (Hey, winning is winning!) Advantage: Taylor.

Unforgettable: Ultimately, Ridge just can’t stay away from Brooke. He’s married her a few times since Taylor rose from the grave a second time.

They’ve feuded recently over Bill (Don Diamont), but they appear to be working out their issues. And Taylor’s dance card may reportedly be filled by newcomer Dr. Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady)!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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