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How Liam Spencer Let Himself Down on Bold and the Beautiful

The betrayed B&B husband made his situation worse by kissing Steffy, his ex-wife.

liam spencer let down himself on bold and the beautiful.Liam Spencer has a lot to consider.

Liam Spencer, played by three-time Daytime Emmy-winner Scott Clifton, got a rude awakening when he flew over to Rome to surprise his wife Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful. The Spencer Publications heir was shocked upon seeing Hope initiate a kiss with co-worker Thomas Forrester. What happened next is what we find so appalling.

Liam Spencer: Bold and the Beautiful Action Man

We get that soaps are all about dramatic conflict, but viewers actually like to see their characters grow and learn from their past mistakes. How Liam reacted to seeing his wife and her lead designer lock lips has us convinced that he has some growing to do. Rather than confront Hope upon seeing her initiate a kiss with another man, Liam went off to find solace from ex-wife Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) — and promptly went in for an extra-marital kiss of his own.

Does this sound familiar? A few years ago on Bold and the Beautiful, Liam Spencer spied Thomas being romantic with his wife. So he reacted similarly to how he did in Rome. Liam made a beeline to Steffy’s cliff house and unloaded on her. That time, they made love (Steffy wasn’t yet in a committed relationship with Finn [Tanner Novlan] — the man who is now her husband).

When it turned out that Thomas was making out with the Hope mannequin, Liam realized he’d made a colossal error — one that nearly ruined his marriage. Some husbands would still be in the doghouse over a blunder like that. (Fortunately, one of Hope’s greatest attributes is her ability to forgive and see the good in people.)

Learn from Your Mistakes, Liam

This time, Liam has done something arguably even worse. Sure, our hearts broke for the guy, but it’s what Liam did in response to Thomas and Hope’s kiss that’s so disappointing. Going in for a kiss with Steffy isn’t exactly making love to her, but now, she’s a married woman. It’s one thing for Liam to act out after seeing what he saw, but he has no right to jeopardize Steffy’s perfectly good marriage to Finn.

Finn, we might add, has been nothing but supportive of Liam. He provided a sounding board as Liam vacillated between going to Rome or not. Finn’s never tried to meddle in Liam and Steffy’s relationship regarding co-parenting their daughter Kelly. Liam has repaid this by making a move on Steffy instead of confronting Thomas and Hope.

Bold and the Beautiful Liam Spencer Dropped the Ball

Liam Spencer was poised to do the “told you so” dance perfected by Bobbi Adler (Debbie Reynolds) on Will & Grace, given what he witnessed. Now, Liam has less of a leg on which to stand with Hope, given how quickly he went out and did exactly what she painfully did to him.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) reunion was anticipated given that they were in romantic Rome and Brooke’s pact with Taylor (Krista Allen) to stay away from Ridge had gone kaput. Likewise, Hope’s regular fantasies about Thomas had us guessing that at one point, yeah, she’d give into them on some level. Liam kissing Steffy wasn’t predicted.

However, it might have been just as dramatic had Liam started to make a move on Steffy, and then he could have stopped himself. If he had, we’d certainly be rooting for Liam Spencer more right now. But that’s not the case, which is unfortunate. To paraphrase Tyra Banks, “Liam, we were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! How dare you? Learn something from this!”

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