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Sweet or Poison Ivy? Can She Be Trusted?

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

What sort of Ivy grows on The Bold and the Beautiful? There’s the Ivy that designs jewelry, the Ivy who keeps filming things, like Wyatt and Hope hugging and Steffy killing Ally, that other people really wish she wouldn’t.

There’s the Ivy who schemed against Rick (Jacob Young), and the Ivy who married Liam in order to stay in the United States (even though her father was a citizen and she worked for a powerful company who could get her a Special Talents Visa).

But the question of the day is: Can Ivy be trusted? Over 3,000 of you have very definite opinions on the subject — that you weren’t afraid to share with us!

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Second Guessing
What exactly is Quinn (Rena Sofer) thinking? That’s what 56% of fans wanted to know. Quinn is crazy and manipulative and self-absorbed. But she is certainly not stupid. So why is she stupidly spilling the secret of her complicated feelings for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to Ivy, who you all think can’t be trusted for a second. Sure, Ivy saw Quinn and Ridge in a compromising position in the steam-room.

But this is the part where you tell her to mind her own business. Or lie. Remember lying, Quinn? You used to be so good at it! And if you’re afraid Ivy will go running to Eric (John McCook). Just think about this: Who is Eric more likely to believe, his bubble-headed niece with the flexible accent, or his blushing — and lusty — bride?

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Frienemies Closer
But maybe Quinn is onto something; 28% of you think sure, Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) can be…continue reading on the next page —>

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