The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: August 15-19


The Bold and the Beautiful gave us a cluster of nonstop clashes and conflicts this week. The Forrester family put their collective foot down about Eric and Quinn’s relationship… but of course, it didn’t do much good. Meanwhile, Ridge and Brooke coached Katy, and Liam comforted Steffy when Wyatt couldn’t. If this keeps up – and it almost certainly will – we’ll be in for a must-see week of burning drama. Here are the spoilers!

The fallout from Eric’s confession about his relationship with Quinn continues. Steffy finds it extremely difficult to cope, realizing her grandfather is sleeping with her mortal enemy… but she feels torn between utter resentment and utter heartbreak over what Eric has done. Elsewhere, the Avant family has some issues they try to iron out, while Liam and Wyatt are at a loss over what to do with Quinn!

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Comments (82)
  1. Tina Pedone says:

    I definitely don’t like Quinn with Eric! I personally don’t like Quinn period and think it’s time to get rid if her. I don’t like Steffy with Wyatt either.I think she should be with Liam. Finally give Wyatt a woman that his brother had not been with because it’s about time!!

    1. Becky says:

      I agree

    2. Linda Martin says:

      I’m not by no means Quinn’s biggest fan but if Eric wants to see her they should leave him alone and let him see her. And I think Liam should find a new love and leave his brother’s wife alone.

      1. Esmerelda says:

        I so agree with you Liam need to let Steffy be with her husband and not try to get Steffy back and know that there is still Ivy and Hope that he can still have so i can’t wait to see what happen next on Monday

        1. Elaine says:

          I agree – Liam had his chance and they got Divorced. He moved on to Hope (almost) and then Ivey. He needs to give up on Steffy. She doesn’t really know Who she wants. Maybe he will end up with Caroline – but I think they are related (cousins?) I wish she would get back with Ridge before Brooke grabs him.

          1. Carol says:

            Agree. I really want Ridge and Caroline back together. Great couple, awesome chemistry. I’m excited Ivy is coming back finally but can’t decide who is good enough for her. Not Liam, he broke her heart and doesn’t deserve a second chance.

          2. Linda Martin says:

            I don’t want Ridge and Brooke back together either. And Liam and Carolina are cousins so they don’t need to go there. Here’s a idea what if when Ivy returns she has a child with her and it’s Liam’s now that would be a good storyline.

          3. Christy Lynn says:

            Yes it would be a great story line.

          4. Esmerelda says:

            I agree with you and that Ivy do come back to town and get Liam to back off of Steffy be with Wyatt because Wyatt do love Steffy and he will not let his mother mess it up for him and he will take himself out of the picture if his mother don’t leave Eric alone so that his marriage can last to Steffy and i can’t wait for tomorrow to come and see what else go down

          5. Lucy Silvano says:

            Liam should be with Ivy when she returns back

          6. Esmerelda says:

            Agree i want Liam with Ivy because they were so happy and they can be again

          7. Esmerelda says:

            Wyatt is so mad with his mom and not listening to her when he said that he want her out of Eric life and she did not listen and wyatt is so hungry and i can’t wait to see what come next and Liam need to really let Steffy go and know that she will not leave Wyatt and how much she really love Wyatt and i can’t wait to see what happen on tomorrow episode and Wyatt do to his mother

      2. Carol smith says:

        Liam should be steffy husband, quinn messed it up AGAIN

        1. Robin says:

          NO!!!!!! Liam has been on again off again with Steffy Forever!! Wyatt Lobes Stegfy totally!!

    3. Phylisewebb says:

      At this point I don’t like any of them. All they do is bed hop from family members to family members. Ridge and Eric has probably had the same women for years, so I won’t be surprised when you wanted up in bed with Quinn. After all he wants whatever his dad has. And his daughter just like him. I I really can’t stand Steffy, who died and left her in charge.

      1. Carol says:

        Yep. Steffy is so annoying. Do not like her, never did !!!

    4. K.Karp says:

      I don’t like Steffy period! But Quinn is a nut job for sure! Eric is an old fool. I feel sorry for Wyatt he is a good guy caught between loyalty to his wife and also his mother. He wants a good relationship with his brother but he can’t even have that! The Avants are all icky except Nicole.

      1. Paula Holland says:

        Remember and I wish Liam would the reason they broke up is he caught her in bed with Wyatt ! He don’t rember that ! Even though nothin happened he did not know that ! But he should have told her and all this crap would not have happened,so really it’s Liam’s fault !

      2. Paula Holland says:

        Remember and I wish Liam would the reason they broke up is he caught her in bed with Wyatt ! He don’t rember that ! Even though nothin happened he did not know that ! But he should have told her and all this crap would not have happened,so really it’s Liam’s fault !

        1. Elaine says:

          I forgot about that – thanks for reminding us. Liam should have said something right then instead of walking out and not telling her what he saw. They need to find someone else for Liam. The storyline is getting so old. It makes the Eric & Quinn story exciting. I just hope Eric doesn’t get hurt. There’s nothing like an OLD FOOL. And he’s an old RICH fool.

    5. Star says:

      Oh Tina, I so agree with you!!!!

    6. doreen ferguson says:

      I agree with you jurist said here tina

    7. Cheryl says:

      I feel the exact way you to Tina, so ditto for me!

  2. Linda Martin says:

    I know what Quinn did and has done in the past have been wrong, but I’m sorry Steffy and the rest of you do not need to be telling Eric who he should be seeing he’s a grown man. This is just another reason for Steffy to run to Liam and that is wrong she needs to stay with her husband and quit leading Liam on and Liam needs to leave his brother’s wife alone. The best thing B&B could do is bring a woman for Liam on the show, bring Ivy back or maybe Liam and Katie can start seeing each other after all we know he likes to keep it in the family.

    1. Cara says:

      Ur so right!!!!!

    2. Carol says:

      Agree!! Liam and Katie would be good to see. Both annoy me so keep em in the background lol. Still think Steffy should be with Bill. Sorry Bill ( I like him ) but they would make a great power couple!! Katie wasn’t strong enough for him.

      1. Cherl says:

        I like Steffy and Bill, Liam and Katie,Quinn and Eric

    3. K.Karp says:

      Katie is way too old for Liam besides she ‘ll be his dads exwife. eww!

      1. K Boday says:

        Taylor was with Rick for awhile but that age difference was okay? And Eric n Donna were together as well as Brooke n Eric. I could go on n on. It all boils down to there are not enough characters on this soap for everyone to have an age appropriate relationship or be with someone their family member has never been with. Smh

  3. Mary Beauvais says:

    Quinn is evil, she has to cause trouble wherever she go’s. Eric should be with someone deserving of him.
    Eric is to good for her.

    1. Cara says:

      Eric has done his fair share in the past. He is far from being a saint. Quinn is. Indeed evil, but I can see them
      changing her behavior, they’ve done it in the past with other characters. Liam & Steffy are another issue.
      This exchange between them is tiring… Time to move on kids. Steffy has a terrible past as well. So new characters would help a lot….

      1. Elaine says:

        Steffy should have been convicted for killing her cousin. She got away with murder & is always so domineering. I am so tired of her!!! Non of them have a right to tell Eric who he can date. I’m waiting for the Big Wedding day for Quinn & Eric.

        1. Carol says:

          Couldn’t agree more!!

  4. Janet Roberts says:

    I hope this will finally push Steffy into Liam’s arms.

    1. Robin says:


    2. Robin says:


  5. IRENE KIS says:

    I think Eric and Quinn know what they are doing and they are not kids. Eric hired Quinn back. The company is Eric’s, if he was so awful he could fire all of them and hire strangers, but he is not like that.

    Wyatt and Liam are always like five years old, they always fall in love with the same woman. Why do the writers do that. I can see once, it will be okay. Liam miss his girlfriend that went home. The writers should write about that and how he gets her back. Wyatt and Steffy have enough on their plate.

    When Quinn thought she was in love with Liam and when Wyatt found them. If Wyatt is that good son, like he says, he should find help for his dear sweet mother and go with her every appointment, so they would know that she was getting the right help and don’t believe her.

    I believe Eric and Quinn are right for each other. I believe that Quinn is not going after Eric for his money. Look how she dresses and she goes everywhere to make trouble, but she is goes. She has her own jewellery business.

    1. Elaine says:

      I think Quinn is Crazy like a Fox. No matter what happens – she always gets away with it. After she pushed Deacon off the cliff – he came back for more. How crazy is that? You have to remember – Eric has been without a Woman for a long time & when Quinn stepped in – That was the most excited he’s had for years. She is a Beautiful & Convincing Woman. She told him exactly what he wanted to hear – so now he’s back in the saddle at the office.
      I think Thomas is going to get involved with “The Model” while Caroline is in New York. That will ruin things for him & Caroline. I still think Ridge and Caroline should have tried harder to keep their marriage in tact – even though they are both in a Tough Situation. Brook may try to get Ridge back again. Most of the time – the same story lines repeat themselves. And no one seems to be able to find a Lover outside of the family group. They just get passed around.

  6. Jackie Medina says:

    Quinn needs to go away, all she does is cause trouble

  7. Diane Adams says:

    So glad to hear Ivy is coming back Aug. 31!!

    1. Linda Martin says:

      I didn’t know Ivy was coming back Aug 31 that is great, it really like her. Thanks for sharing that info.

      1. K.Karp says:

        I like Ivy too! AH, NO Liam LEAVE HER ALONE! He had his chance and now the ship has sailed on that romance. She would be a fool to take him back but isn’t that what people on soaps are all about? Doing stupid, foolish things.

  8. elf says:

    I don’t like Quinn and its Liam’s fault she is out and about. He should have pressed charges while he could. Makes me think he left her out because he knew she would cause problems with his brother and Steffy. However, I really don’t like Ridge. He is not even this mans son yet wants to out him out of his company every chance he gets. He has been doing this for years. Ridge nor his children have any blood connections to him but want to grab his company every chance they get.

    1. pauline t steinbach says:

      I think Eric and Quinn should be left to enjoy their relationship! I am 85 and I think its wonderful>

  9. rg lor says:

    Please send someone for Liam

    1. Michelle says:

      Just send him away!

  10. Melissa says:

    I personally don’t like quinn either I think she’s a gold digger but I don’t think Eric is senile therefore I think he can make up his own mind his family has no right to live his life…

  11. Rhonda A says:

    Where the heck is Hope? It’s about time she came back to stir things up a bit. SSomeone needs to take dollar Bill down a few pegs. I would love to see a new love interest for Katy that isn’t interested in sleeping with Brooke, in fact would love to see Brooke rejected by him so she would finally realize she’s not all that!

  12. joann t. says:

    I don’t l[ke quin are the son . quin need to go and wyatt.

  13. Esmerelda says:

    Well i think that Steffy should be with her husband and work things out because she and Liam already had a chance to do things right with Steffy and he mess it up by breaking things off with her and telling her to move out of his house and get rid of the ring he had gave her but than Wyatt came and his and Steffy got close and they get together and now they are marriage and Wyatt does really love Steffy and he is not going to let his mother sent Steffy back into Liam arm and now Wyatt hard that Eric hired her back and now he is off the rail and going off on his mother so i can’t wait to see what all goes down on Monday its going to be fun to watch so excited bring it on

  14. judy says:

    Quinn will use the old fool to get what she wants he is doing her bidding already she has a place in the company next she will have Wyatt in a higher job then the owners and this is what I do not understand since Ridge and his kids own 50% and Eric only 37 and 1/2 he is not the majority owner so how does he have more say about things if Stephanie had not left him her 25% he would haave even less

  15. Diana Wright says:

    I am so happy that the writers have stepped up the game. Now it is time to bring Hope back. That will cause some confusion.

    1. Robin says:

      Hope And Ivy; bring them both back at the same time!!??

  16. Michelle says:

    I want Quinn to be pregnant with Eric’s baby!!!! That would turn everything upside down…

  17. sharon white says:

    i liked the update on the b&b spoilers

  18. Gwen says:

    I know Quinn is evil but people can change and maybe Eric is the person that can bring about that change. Liam need to find him another love interest, he seem to have forgotten why he left Steffy in the first place. He saw Steffy and his brother in bed together even though nothing happened that time.

    1. Christine says:

      Steffi left Liam after she lost their baby… she doesn’t deserve him

  19. Kimberly finney says:

    When is hope coming back

  20. Shawn says:

    Steffy needs to dump wyatt who will always be on his crazy mother side

  21. Shawn says:

    I would not mind seeing broke and Eric togethor again.

  22. Carol smith says:

    OMGAWD! U really need to get quinn off show! This why I’m not a regular fan…she’s caused so much crap, u d think she was related to Sheila! I’m glad I don’t watch e eryday anymore..get quinn in jail where she belongs! Maybe deacon will be the shows hope

  23. stacey says:

    I can’t stand Quinn how can Eric be with someone who messed with his family like that? Steffy should be with Liam not ivy nor hope. Ivy puts me to sleep.

  24. Dee folpp says:

    Why Eric

  25. Steve Simon says:

    I like Quiinn and Eric. Have always loved Rin(or Rena sorry) from GH to Melrose. However literally the only character never to go to the assylum. LOL. If i waas Liam and Steffy oooooooh ID be pissed.

  26. Michele says:

    I wish Steffy would get over Liam and tell him to back off that she loves Wyatt. Sasha deserves a break. I love Quinn and I love her being with Eric.

  27. Linda Curutchet says:

    Please, please… can you let at least one couple to be happy on this show? And just send Eric my way, he will forget all about that stupid gold digger!!!

  28. Kells says:

    Steffy needs to out on her big girl panties, you knew when she married Wyatt, Quinn was coo coo, you can’t seperate a mother and son. Steffy was stupid, not sure why she is even pulled towards Liam he has left her Hope so many times including after she lost the baby, Liam has no loyalty except to his private practice.

  29. Judith Fiorentino says:

    All I can say is Quinn is quite the lady! She reminds me of the story line on Y & R with Gloria. The story line does add some comedy to this so called drama. And as stated by someone else, they just keep switching partners with each other, most likely because they have no new actors, actresses on the show. At times I think, what are the writers thinking.

  30. Judy jones says:

    Liam has become a wus…..stop begging. Get on with your life

  31. Bebe says:

    Eric and Quinn. I was shock to see Quinn today not saying a word. With the smug look of happiness on her face. My God old Eric with vicious Quinn.
    Maybe she did change. Who knows.
    Yes indeed Liam should move on stop all his fighting for Steffy she’s with Wyatt give it a rest. Everyone knows Wyatt was like a puppy dog following his sick mother advice to marry Steffy while she kidnaps Liam let him think they are husband and wife. Sickening to the max.

  32. Jeanette Tomasetti says:

    Definitely think Steffy and Liam should get back together.i think Wyatt married Steffy under false pretenses and the only way to get rid of Quinn is to get rid of Wyatt

  33. Margaret fowler says:

    Bull crap Liam need move on I so tried of Liam Steffy find him new one leave Eric Quinn together let it play out I be watching this for years it time for a changed

  34. Cheryl Marshall says:

    Has anyone forgot Steffy killed her cousin Ridge slept with his ex-wife sister also lied about his son own baby. Pam was a little crazy.

    1. Slingar says:

      Pam was more than a little cray cray.
      All I can think about is that bear after Donna and her honey! Lol

  35. Virginia Bearden says:

    I think that Steffy should stay with Wyatt! Steffy should put on her big girl pants and just deal with it. Wyatt is a good man and Liam is just a sissy pants! I want to see Wyatt and Steffy should have a family!

  36. myra butler says:

    I must say that the show has been extremely more interesting to watch lately. Quinn with Eric took me completely by surprise. I have decided I like them together and maybe Eric can be the one to help Quinn redeem herself. When she was first brought on the show her persona was one of a strong, independent solid business woman. I never liked the writers turning her upside down into a crazy person.

  37. Ruby brown says:

    I think quinn and eric are good for each other. Steffy picture did not fall down. So guess she i team quinn.

  38. Ruby brown says:

    She is what Eric needs

  39. Christy Lynn says:

    Don’t like Quinn and Eric together..first of all she just don’t fit. And 2nd he’s needs an older women.. and 3rd he looks like papa smurf. And thinks it’s rude of Eric to disrespect his family. After stephhy begged him not too.

  40. Diane says:

    It’s A mess. Steffi is going to use this situation with Eric to leave Wyatt when this is not his fault .
    Why don’t you have her tell the truth and leave for whiny back stabbing Liam likes she wants to anyway.

  41. Diane says:

    It’s A mess. Steffi is going to use this situation with Eric to leave Wyatt when this is not his fault .
    Why don’t you have her tell the truth and leave for whiny back stabbing Liam likes she wants to anyway.