Anna Maria Horsford

Birth Name: Anna Maria Horsford
Birth Place: arlem, New York City, New York, United States
Profession: Actor


Born Anna Maria Horsford in Harlem, New York. Her mother noticed a fire burning inside Anna early on, and stoked the flames by keeping her enrolled in community programs, after-school programs, church functions and so on.

By middle school, Anna was fixated on acting, and she auditioned to attend the New York High School of Performing Arts. She was accepted.

A month after graduating, Horsford got her first big break– she scored a role at the Shakespeare Festival in Harlem.

She had vacationed in the Caribbean with her family, and that planted the desire to see the world, so after the festival, Anna headed to Europe to attend college.

In 1978, Horsford landed a role on NBC’s Special Treat, and followed that up with a roles on Guiding Light, An Almost Perfect Affair and Hollow Image. The 80’s kept Anna very busy with projects such as Times Square, The Fan, Bill, Nurse, Muggable Mary: Street Cop, Benny, Love Child, Class, The Firm, Crackers, A Doctor’s Story, American Playhouse, St. Elmo’s Fire, Stone Pillow, Nobody’s Child, A Case of Deadly Force, and Heartburn.

Anna found herself working alongside such greats as Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Mickey Rooney, Dennis Quaid, Cicely Tyson, Lou Gossett Jr., Amy Madigan, Beau Bridges, Jacqueline Bisset, Donald Sutherland, Sean Penn, Lucille Ball, Marlo Thomas, Meryl Streep, Jeff Daniels and Jack Nicholson. And the roles kept on coming!

In 1986, Anna was cast in the TV series Amen as Thelma Frye, taking her from character actor status to recognizable face, and she won over hearts with her bigger-than-life performance.

By the 90’s, Horsford gained more prestige by adding roles such as Presumed Innocent, A Killer Among Us, Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story, L.A. Law and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

From 1992 -1993, she juggled roles on three series, as a series lead on Tall Hopes and Rhythm & Blues, and a combination of voices on the animated series The Addams Family.

Anna added the critically acclaimed Once Upon a Time…When We Were Colored, roles in Friday, Widow’s Kiss, Sparks, Dear God, Set It Off, One Fine Day, Kiss the Girls, L.A. Doctor, The Wayans Bros., Judging Amy, Along Came A Spider, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, and Minority Report.

During the 2000’s, Horsford added series regular and lead roles on Method & Red, The District, The Shield and Reed Between The Lines, guest roles on Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy, and Everybody Hates Chris.

She continued guest spots on other series and film, before signing on to play Vivienne Avant on The Bold and the Beautiful, which has garnered her two Emmy nominations so far.

When she is not embracing her lifelong passion for the Arts, Anna enjoys a bi-coastal life with her husband and family in Los Angeles and New York.

Fast Facts

  • March 6, 1948— Birthdate
  • Her parents immigrated to the United States from the island nation Antigua & Barbuda, in the West Indies.
  • When she was young, she was accepted to the prestigious New York High School of Performing Arts.
  • Her first acting job was a month after graduating high school at the Shakespeare Festival in Harlem.
  • After high school she went to Stockholm, Sweden, to attend college.
  • Has an Art Institute in upstate New York.


  • Victor Agatha — Father
  • Lillian Richardson Agatha — Mother
  • Daniel Wolf — Spouse


An acting veteran with more than 106 credits under her belt, Anna Maria Horsford made her debut as Vivienne Avant on The Bold and the Beautiful on July 3, 2015.

The multi-talented lady also produces, directs and sings. Upcoming films include Adi Shankar’s Gods and Secrets, Chasing the Blues and The Choir Director.

Anna Maria Horsford Photos

Actor (51 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Show)

7703 — 2017
7702 — 2017
7701 — 2017

Vivienne Avant 2017

New Girl (TV Show)

Misery — 2017

Charmaine 2017

Reed Between the Lines (TV Show)

I'm Not Superhuman — 2015
You Have to Let Them Go — 2015
Sometimes You're Picked, Sometimes You Choose — 2015

Ms. Helen 2015

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV Show)

The Gang Goes on Family Fight — 2015


Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas (Movie)

Eileen 2013

Our Family Wedding (Movie)

Diane Boyd 2010

Cold Case (TV Show)

Soul — 2009

Geraldine Watkins 2009

The Shield (TV Show)

Game Face — 2008
Snitch — 2008
Coefficient of Drag — 2008

Beth Insardi 2008

Grey's Anatomy (TV Show)

Some Kind of Miracle — 2007
No Man's Land — 2005

Liz Fallon 2005 - 2007

Gridiron Gang (Movie)

Sharon Weathers 2006

Method & Red (TV Show)

Chu Chu's Redemption — 2004
Neighborhood Watch — 2004
Something About Brenda — 2004

Dorothea 2004

The District (TV Show)

Family Values — 2004
Breath of Life — 2004

Bobbi Yates 2004

The Bernie Mac Show (TV Show)

Family Reunion — 2004

Sis 2004

Lockdown (Movie)

Saunders 2003

The Chronicle (TV Show)

Touched by an Alien — 2002


Minority Report (Movie)

Casey 2002

Friday After Next (Movie)

Mrs. Jones 2002

Jacked Up (Movie)

Thelma Barnes 2002

Along Came A Spider (Movie)

Vickie 2001

How High (Movie)

Helene Morris 1993

In The Line Of Fire (Movie)

Pam Magnus 1993

Step by Step (TV Show)

He Wanted Wings — 1992
Daddy's Girl — 1992
Country Club — 1992

Penny Baker 1992

Leaving Normal (Movie)

66 1992

How High (Movie)

Mrs. King 2001

Moesha (TV Show)

The Candidate — 2000

Diane Henderson 2000

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (Movie)

Denise's Mother 2000

Judging Amy (TV Show)

Crowded House — 1999

Suzanne Charles 1999

The Wayans Bros. (TV Show)

Rope-a-Dope — 1999
Three on a Couch — 1999
Dream Girl — 1999

Dee 1999

7th Heaven (TV Show)

Here Comes Santa Claus — 1998

Joyce 1998

Sparks (TV Show)

How Papa Got His Groove Back — 1996

Aunt Clea 1996

Once Upon A Time ... When We Were Colored (Movie)

Miss Annie 1996

Set It Off (Movie)

Ms. Wells 1996

Widow's Kiss (Movie)

Capt. Lavonda Harrison 1996

Dear God (Movie)

Lucille 1996

One Fine Day (Movie)

Evelyn 1996

Friday (Movie)

Craig's Mother 1995

Tall Hopes (TV Show)

Get the Jet — 1993
Pilot — 1993

Lainie Harris 1993

Mr. Jones (Movie)

Judge Harris 1993

Rhythm & Blues (TV Show)

They Shoot Dj's, Don't they? — 1992
Mrs. Washington's Neighborhood — 1992
Pilot — 1992

Veronica Washington 1992

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV Show)

Geoffrey Cleans Up — 1992


Amen (TV Show)

Deliverance — 1991
A Star Is Burned — 1991
Nothin' Says Lovin' — 1991

Thelma Frye 1991

Presumed Innocent (Movie)

Eugenia 1990

Street Smart (Movie)

Harriet 1987

Heartburn (Movie)

Della 1986

St. Elmo's Fire (Movie)

Naomi 1985

Crackers (Movie)

Slam Dunk 1984

Class (Movie)

Maggie 1983

Love Child (Movie)

Mara 1982

The Fan (Movie)

Emily Stolz 1981

Times Square (Movie)

Rosie Washington 1980

An Almost Perfect Affair (Movie)

Amy Zon 1979

Our Family Wedding (TV Show)

Diane Boyd

Jalen vs. Everybody (TV Show)


American Playhouse (TV Show)

Charlotte Forten's Mission


Appearing (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

Living in TV Land (TV Show)

Sherman Hemsley — 2006