Aaron D. Spears

Birth Name: Aaron Darnell Spears
Birth Place:Washington, D.C., United States
Profession: Actor


Aaron D. Spears was born and raised in Washington DC. He was a gifted athlete, excelling in football and was even considering a career in the NFL, while studying at the Delaware State University. All that changed when he didn’t turn in a speech assignment and was forced to make it up by participating in live theater. He was bitten by the acting bug!

Spears moved to Los Angeles with $77 in his pocket and booked the first four roles he auditioned for, including the role of Officer Washington on the daytime soap opera Sunset Beach — his first job and the first taste of daytime. He has been steadily adding to his resume ever since.

Aaron has 20 years of working in Hollywood, but it was his controversial role as Mark Bradley on Being Mary Jane, that caught the attention of millions of viewers. And Spears’ double-duty on The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives over the last few years that made him a familiar face internationally.

Other credits include Pacific Blue, The District, The X Files, Crossing Jordan, CSI: Miami, Everybody Loves Raymond, General Hospital, The Division, Criminal Minds, Angel, Babel, Bones, Shark, The Mannsfield 12, Boston Legal, Castle, NCIS, This is Us, and For the Love of Christmas. When he’s not acting, Aaron likes producing and composing.

Aaron currently resides in Los Angeles and is married to Estela Lopez-Spears. They have four daughters and a son.

Fast Facts

  • July 10, 1971 — Birthdate
  • He studied computer science and mathematics at Delaware State University.
  • Worked as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles School District.
  • Composed the soundtrack for the movie Blue Hill Avenue.
  • Was a stand out college football player.


  • Estela Lopez-Spears – Wife
  • Nayali Lavender Lopez-Spears – Daughter
  • Aiyana Ari Lopez-Spears – Daughter
  • Henna Heruset Lopez-Spears – Daughter
  • Kaaria Ziat Lopez-Spears – Daughter
  • Riaz Novum Nehez Lopez-Spears – Son


Aaron D. Spears has come a long way since his acting debut on Sunset Beach in 1997. For the last 2 years, Aaron has been doing double duty with two juicy daytime roles.

The talented actor portrays Justin Barber on the Bold and the Beautiful, and the conniving Commissioner Raines on Days of Our Lives.

Aaron D. Spears Photos

Actor (14 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Show)

7703 — 2017
7702 — 2017
7701 — 2017

Justin Barber 2017

Being Mary Jane (TV Show)

Feeling Tested — 2017
Feeling Seen — 2017
Feeling Destined — 2017

Mark Bradley 2017

NCIS (TV Show)

Freedom — 2011

Maj. Michael Strickland 2011

Boston Legal (TV Show)

Roe v. Wade, the Musical — 2008

Terrence Maxwell 2008

Bones (TV Show)

The Woman in the Sand — 2006

Walt Sugarman 2006

Shark (TV Show)

Russo — 2006

Detective 2006

Criminal Minds (TV Show)

The Fisher King — 2006

Gerald Dupree 2006

Angel (TV Show)

Destiny — 2003

Security Guard 2003

Half & Half (TV Show)

The Big Phat Mouth Episode — 2003
The Big Phat Mouth Episode — 2003

Hamilton Brooks 2003

A.U.S.A. (TV Show)

Pilot Episode — 2003

Court Clerk 2003

CSI: Miami (TV Show)

A Horrible Mind — 2002

Jerry 2002

Everybody Loves Raymond (TV Show)

She's the One — 2002

Rick 2002

The X-Files (TV Show)

Underneath — 2002

Guard 2002

Bluehill Avenue (Movie)

Money 2001