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Who The Heck Is Sheila? A Cheat Sheet for New The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) Fans

The Bold and the Beautiful Kimberlin Brown as Sheila CarterThe Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila gave birth to James’ daughter, Mary, and volunteered to get out of their lives. She didn’t. After more kidnappings and shootings, Sheila grabbed her daughter and took off.

Second Generation
A few years later, a now teen-aged Mary, renamed Erica by Sheila, came to LA, and mama Sheila coached her in seducing a now also grown Rick (Jacob Young). Sheila killed the man who helped them with their plan by releasing killer bees in his room.

More deaths, more blackmail, more prison, more prison escapes, plus another daughter for Sheila, Diana, whose father she claimed was Ridge’s bio dad, Massimo.

The last time viewers saw Sheila, it was in Genoa City, and she’d had plastic surgery to look exactly like Lauren’s best friend, Phyllis.

Sheila was presumed dead again, but then a pair of twins appeared, claiming to be the children of Sheila and Tom Fisher.

Now Sheila – and her old face – are back in LA.

Quinn, you’ve met your match….

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