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Hero Or Heel: How Do You Like Dollar Bill On The Bold and the Beautiful?

Bill The Bold and the BeautifulBill The Bold and the Beautiful

He’s a control freak, prone to punching his kids, blowing up buildings, and tossing rivals out of helicopters, but who do you call when you’re in a pinch on The Bold and the Beautiful? Bill Spencer, that’s who!

When Liam (Scott Clifton) needed to get to Catalina to join his wife Hope (Annika Noelle), who is in labor, he reached out to his dad, Bill (Don Diamont), for aid.

Who else but a powerful magnate could cut through the red tape in this time of jeopardy? Bill picked up the phone and arranged for Liam to get to his wife’s side via helicopter. Do you prefer seeing Bill play hero on occasion on B&B? Or does that tarnish his bad guy reputation?

Nice Guys Finish First
The majority of you, nearly 85% to be exact say, yes, you prefer to see Bill step up to the plate and use his power and influence for good instead of evil. There needs to be balance and areas of gray in characters.

If Bill’s only evil, then how can we root for him? But if we see him care about his kids or Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), then we’re going to like him.

Bad Boys Rule!
The rest of you, a bit over 15%, say that you don’t need to see Bill be a good guy. Maybe you find it hypocritical to see Bill spend time and money on Liam when in the past he hasn’t considered his son’s feelings on important issues.

Besides, Bill is a lot more fun when he’s being bad — why ruin a good thing with Dudley Do-Right behavior? No, Bill’s a shark and that’s why you love him!

Future Behavior
When Bill does something good, it’s only a matter of time before he’ll go back to his selfish ways, infuriating his family, friends, and rivals along the way.

Now, he’s helping Liam get to his wife, but he could quickly show us other sides to his persona by romancing Brooke or trying to pull off an unethical business deal! Stay tuned to see what Bill’s going to do next!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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