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Exclusive Interviews: Soap Star Fathers Open Up About Their Special Day

Happy Father's DayHappy Father's Day

A dozen of your favorite current and past soap stars take time to tell SoapHub exactly why they are happy to take a bow today, as they celebrate Father’s Day!

Soap Star Father’s Day

Wally Kurth (Justin, Days of our Lives; Ned, General Hospital)
One of the things that make me proud as a father, is to watch my children, at their own unique pace, step into their identity and adulthood – and watch them become the person they were meant to be.

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)
I have so much love for my kids, being a dad is amazing… to see them be kind and compassionate to people — that makes me proud to be a father. My favorite thing to do with them is to go to the beach at sunset and hang with them and play games.

Scott Clifton (Liam, The Bold and the Beautiful)
When I was Ford’s age, my father was my age now. So there’s something really special about always having that reference point, seeing my own childhood through my son, and feeling connected to the past as I navigate my son toward the future. One thing I’ve learned is that Ford is more exceptional, wise, funny, kind, and brave than I was at the same stage. And that makes me incredibly proud.

Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)
It’s nice, but [I] don’t need Father’s Day to remind me that I’m the luckiest dad in the world! I love my kids so much and I think they know it, and I hope I show it because they mean so much to me.

James Reynolds (Abe, DAYS)
My son, Jed, is smart, good looking, and a joy to be around. But I am most proud that he is kind and respectful to everyone he meets. Decency shines through with him.

Dominic Zampronga (Dante, GH)
The thing I’ve realized about being a dad is that when I was my kids’ age, you really felt like your parents had it all together. Then you get to my age with kids and you realize they totally didn’t!! But I love every day with them. Especially now. We’re all learning together. They’re getting older and like hanging out with me now. And as long as you have the ability to not take things personally, you’re good!

Honoring Soap Star Fathers

Doug Davidson (Paul, The Young and the Restless)
My most proud moments of being a father were my daughter, Calyssa, getting her masters at the Royal College of Music in London, and my son, Caden, getting his Bachelor of Science degree at International Business and Trade in Taipei, Taiwan. What makes me most happy about being a father is that they are happy! Parenting was so hard! Guidance without being overbearing is always a tough call.

John J. York (Mac, General Hospital)
What makes me most happy AND proud about being a father and a dad is to SEE AT THIS VERY MOMENT, my daughter as the most AMAZING wife and mother to two incredible children on top of all the hard work she puts into her career! Nothing makes me more happy than to see and to be a part of all the joy, love, and happiness they ALL share with each other. As I say to Schyler, don’t make me cry… too late!

Ingo Rademacher (Jax, GH)
I think that probably the greatest thing about being a dad is getting to be a kid all over again. Being able to share my experiences with my sons, Peanut and Pohaku, while also letting them have their own, is great. Being their father is nonstop fun – playtime, exploring, and physical fitness.

Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin, GH)
The creation of a human and the raising of that human is the magic of being human. I’m grateful every day for the experience and the lessons my son provides for me.

Brad Maule (ex-Tony Jones, GH)
Last Saturday in the backyard, as I cooked ribs and chicken on the smoker, I watched Hunter and Lily banter back and forth, laughing and teasing each other, happy, at peace, and all grown up. At that moment, I was proud and humbled – and still their low paid servant.

Vincent Irizarry (ex-Deimos, DAYS and many others)
There’s very little in my life where I feel more proud than witnessing firsthand the substantive quality of character of every one of my children. [They] are all young adults who are kindhearted, loving, compassionate, intelligent, and accomplished with their own individual talents and interests. I can’t help but be very grateful. I’m a proud dad, indeed.

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