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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers (BB): Secrets Threaten Quinn and Eric’s Marriage

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The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers (BB) for Tuesday, October 17 promise a day when Quinn and Eric’s fallout gives Sheila a new way in!

Shattered Pieces
Quinn’s life will never be the same after finding her son with Katie. To make matters worse, her husband has been keeping the affair from her for weeks!

She’s not sure who’s betrayed her the worst, but she realizes there are very few people she can actually trust.

It’s a blow to her system, and she has no idea how to deal with the fallout.

Yes, she’s betrayed Eric in the past by kissing Ridge, but she thought they were past all the lies and deceit. It’s all just too much.

Old Ways Are Not Okay
To his credit, Eric does everything he can to pacify his seething wife.

He understands all her hurt and anger and knows at least some of it is justified.

However, nothing makes her violent outburst okay. She’s gone off the deep end one too many times, and he’s not sure he can handle her dark side coming out anymore.

Making Her Move
While Eric and Quinn are busy trying to pick up the pieces, Sheila’s (Kimberlin Brown) making another move to get back in his life.

She’s going after his friends and family in hopes of getting in their good graces…continue reading on the next page —>

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