The Young and the Restless

Y&R Weekly Spoilers Preview: It Doesn’t Get Bigger Than This!

Get ready for an exciting week in Genoa City as the drama heats up. It doesn’t get bigger than this week on #YR!

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It doesn’t get bigger than this week on #YR!

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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Confessions, Evidence, and Shocking Secrets!

Comments (303)
  1. Lori Kay Constantineau says:

    I watched the first episode March if 1973!
    I would like to have a 2 minute part on the Young and Restless. I have been watching since I was 17. I now am 61!
    I even had my parents watching.
    Love the show!

    1. Jewell says:

      Me too I watched the very first episode with my mom and we still watch snd talk daily about the show and she’s 88 and I’m 61

      1. Sue says:

        Wow. I also watched the very first episode with my mom. I’m 60 and she is 84. We still watch it

        1. HERBERT SMITH says:

          IM 84 WATCH ALL

      2. Cheryl says:

        Me Too

      3. Sandy davis says:

        I have also watch. From the start.. Victor and kikki. Got a. Love story that is so wonderful.

      4. Debi S says:

        Treasue these times with her. Every moment. Now, I watch with the memories of those beautiful days watching together with my mom.

    2. Shirley King says:

      I too have been watching since the beginning. I’ll be 65 this month. Hope it never gets taken off. Of all the soaps I watched and loved, this is the last one remaining, so PLEASE DON’T EVER TAKE IT OFF. lol

      1. Deborah Robicheau says:

        I agree, I like this show too I been watching since I was 17 and I be 60 Dec, this year. I was watching with my friends and they are still watching The Young and the Restless .

        1. Ang says:

          I was 7 when I started watching, me & my sister, we were bored out of our minds, started watching, we still do & talk about all over the phone since she moved 7 years ago, before that we were always getting together & talking about them, every once in a while we watched them together. I turned 47 in June so I’ve been watching 40 years now.

          1. Deborah Robicheau says:

            Wow! it a long time for you been watching the young and the restless.

          2. Ang says:

            So you’ve been watching since Day one, yeah it was my first soap & then started watching Days cause my sister got hooked on that when she thought Y&R got boring & then started watching GH too cause they had alot of adventure as well in ’79. Then in ’81, started watching ATWT cause of my grandma, we stayed with her that summer so we had to tape Days to watch later. Then in ’83, I started watching AMC & OLTL after meeting my best friend, she watched ABC so I’d go home at 3 & watch Days with my sister after GH & then Y&R & ATWT. The next year, my sister pulled me into AW so yes, the older I got, the more of them I watched. That same summer, we were with my grandma again & she wanted us to watch GL, my sister always fell asleep & never was interested but I loved spending time with my grandma. Of course after watching CBS with her, we taped the other shows, I’d watch NBC & GH with her & then watch AMC & OLTL by myself on the weekend or in the mornings or whenever I could. I was never an outdoor kind of girl, i have alot of allergies & my dad was one who believed that you don’t take medicines for stuff like that so I rarely went outside cause I’d always end up paying for it so when school was out, I hardly ever went out. Half the time I didn’t even when school was in. I watched B&B from the beginning & 3 other soaps as well until they went off air. I was really upset when my soaps started going off especially AMC & OLTL. I remember when my grandma found out that GL was going off in ’09 & then ATWT in ’10, we thought someone had died but I soon found out how she felt when AMC went off in ’11 & OLTL followed in ’11, just like my sister felt when AW went off but she didn’t take it as hard as my grandma who had watched GL & ATWT since ’60 so 49 & 50 years respectively so I got 10 years to go with Y&R to have watched as long as she did with those she watched Y&R since it came on in ’73 but she stopped watching as much as well in ’11 cause that’s when she went to the nursing home. She fell in ’14 twice within a week & was never the same, she had bleeding on the brain & died last Sept. 21, 2015. So she had watched for for 41 years by ’14. Sorry, didn’t mean to get into all of that.

          3. Virgie Sexton says:

            My grandma use to watch all of them too. I can remember everyday she would sit down an watch her soaps from 12:30 till 4 pm EVERYDAY her & my mom would sit in front of the tv. And now it’s me & my mom and then in the eveningsame we talk on the phone about what happened on Y&R and B&B that’s the only soaps we watch now.

          4. A Renée says:

            Yes I’ve been watching since dy one even when I was in the military stationed abroad. I did not miss it. Sooo juicy every single time!!

          5. Ang says:

            I never knew so many watched that many, I feel better after all the comments I would get from people over the years. There’s alot more than I thought.

          6. Dennis Valverde says:

            I watched AMC, OLTL, AW, ATWT,SB, AND GL too I miss those shows they had great storylines!

          7. Ang says:

            Wow that’s great & a guy to boot! I hardly know any men here that watch them, they are always putting down people for watching them!

          8. Dennis Valverde says:

            Yeah I know Ang. Me and my uncle started watching Y&R when Kimberlin Brown Played Sheila Carter and switched Lauren’s baby with another at the hospital and Terrorized her and faked her death and started watching B&B and worked for the Forresters and Terrorized them. My friend and co-worker Tommy watched the same soap operas I watched! he watches GH now!

          9. Deborah Robicheau says:

            I like your story that was very interested what you was saying, I did watch ATW and GL once I didn’t really care for that, AW was the best show I ever watching and it gone for good, AMC and OLTL was my best favor show that I do really miss very much, General Hospital and B&B just started to watch about 7 or 8 years ago, it not to bad for them story General Hospital it still hard to understand they always change the people don’t why, and B&B I like that story I starting to understood I use to watch Santa Barbara to but not very long they put that one off. I like the Young and the Restless and Days of Our lives and watch everyday I don’t miss them , when I have a appointment somewhere I tape everyday. I started to watch from 12 to 4 P.M. Sorry to hear about your Grand-mother. It was nice to chat on comment.

          10. Ang says:

            Thanks for that, yeah it’s been really harder because of some other family drama that happened months afterwards, it broke my heart & made me miss her even more cause she would not have stood for what’s going on. I was closer to her than I was my own parents. She was the rock of our family & wiser than anyone gave her credit for. Too bad hardly any of heeded to her wisdom, including me. But she gave me my spunk & told me to speak up & have a voice, I didn’t really learn that until my mid to late 30’s! Guess I was when I left home but then quickly got involved & married someone who took it away, took me a long time to regain it again but then we ended up separated because of it & because I had taught my daughter the same thing, well she & I did & her voice is pretty loud, she’s very vocal as I became also about our opinions & what was right & wrong, he didn’t like that, so that caused a problem.
            Yeah people are usually tickled by the fact that I tell them that I watched all of them until they were taken off one by one so I had beyond the till 4 thing but I loved watching them & conversing about them. That came to an end a long time ago in my 20’s & then I really only had my grandma & my sister to talk to about them. It’s more enjoyable too knowing the history of the characters of the show, you understand their dynamics so much more & get a clearer picture of why some relationships are the way they are, I find that fascinating! It was nice chatting with you also Deborah & funny thing cause that’s my sister’s name also. We were named after 2 of my dad’s favorite sweets, Angel food cake & Debbie cakes, weird being named after food but later in life, we saw the humor in it all!

          11. Deborah Robicheau says:

            You are so interested what you’re saying I really do like your story and I agree with you watch the soap opera , when they let know the show will be over I am watching til they said stop the show but it fun to watching. just something to do for watch the story. Then at 4 it time to cook supper. I am from Canada Nova Scotia, Question is if don’t mind where are you from?

          12. Ang says:

            Yeah after I got married & had my daughter, I couldn’t do that then & when she started school, I would watch at night & then in the mornings & what I didn’t get to, I would watch on the weekends. BTW, I”m from SC. The best people I’ve met after being online have either been from California or Canada, that’s really weird cause everytime I strike up a conversation, seems they are from one of those places, 9 times out of 10. My best friend lives in California now.

          13. Deborah Robicheau says:

            What that mean BTW and where you from what is mean SC? Hope not you don’t to ask question? You it so nice to have a computer chat in comment. I am married almost 14 years, it a long story for my married.

          14. Ang says:

            BTW means by the way. SC is South Carolina. Naw, I don’t mind. I was married 23 years but he was a jerk. I tried to make it work but he couldn’t stop be faithful a bad temper to boot.

          15. Deborah Robicheau says:

            I can understand the married problem and my husband he is looking for himself someday I will move. It hard but it not easy. Thank-you for return. Take Care. Have a great day.

          16. Ang says:

            You too! Nice chatting with you Deborah!

          17. Deborah Robicheau says:

            Good Morning. Ang, I would like to ask you something if you don’t mind? What is your real name? Can you remember The Edge of Night? I don’t really watch Search fo Tomorrow I did see it once and that was it and never see it again. I did watch The Edge of Night long while ago and I did really like that show that time it was Black & White. Are you on Facebook? if you not, do you mind to have your email address please. Check with you Late rHave a great day. 🙂

          18. Deborah Robicheau says:

            Hello again did you read the one say good morning, I did ask you a question.?

          19. Ang says:

            Sorry I haven’t had alot of time today for being on here, first time I saw your comment. I never watched Edge of Night. Ang is my real name but I don’t post my personal information in public if this had a private messaging or something I sure wouldn’t mind but I don’t want the whole world to have my info. My first soap was Y&R & I started watching in ’76, been watching ever since. I guess it’s good night now, LOL!

          20. Deborah Robicheau says:

            That all right I understand you’re very busy, to do your house work and watch your show, I understood don’t post your personal information in public. Than-you for return back, I understand. Have a great day. 🙂

          21. Deb says:

            Heck, I remember when Search for Tomorrow and Guiding LIght were only 15 minutes each. I watched them plus ATWT. I also couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch Dark Shadows. Then I started with All My Children also. But Y & R has long been my favorite until recently. Victor has just gotten away with too much and there’s more heartache than there is happiness. It’s getting worse and worse all the time. I hope they change things up with this new writer soon, because it’s been painful to watch.

          22. Zenell says:

            I started watching the soaps with my grandmother. I remember when Search for Tomorrow and GL was on the radio. I have watch almost every soap that came on Edge of Night, ATWT, AMC OLTL,GH, SB, AW that was one of my favorites, Let not forget Ryan Hope. Then in 1967 Dark Shadows came on I had gotten my husband to watch that show Vampires. Before there were VCR my grandmother would have two TV’s going at the same time “LOL”. bless her heart.
            Then came Y&R , B&B. I loved them when they first came on with Stephanie and Eric running Foster Creations and Sally Spectra copying the fashion. It just made you want to see what was going to happen next. It was about fashion and family now it about who’s sleep with who and little about fashion. I agree that they need to change things it’s becoming hard to watch. I’ve never gotten use to the new Ridge I just feel that he never fit the part as Ron Moss. I will continue to watch but they need to change Y&R it is becoming very DARK.. Just my opinion……

          23. Deb says:

            Can NOT stand the new Ridge!! He is absolutely awful in that part. And who steals his son’s son?? Well, maybe Victor would, but Ridge is just as bad. Bring back Ron Moss.

          24. Ang says:

            Yeah I hope they change it too. Yeah I remember Search For Tomorrow, I watched that for a little while. I believe only the last few years that it was on. It’s weird to think of them being on for only 15 minutes though. Never liked Dark Shadows, was too weird & dark for me. I mean it was before my time but I could have rented it but I could never get into that vampire stuff, LOL, but to each their own!

          25. Carol lanning says:

            I love the show I grew up with Niki Paul Victor nick. I had to get a local attention to watch because dish shut local stations off

          26. Ang says:

            I hate when they do that, they are threatening now on one of the local channels here but I can’t remember which one. I know my sister lives in OK now & they cut her CBS off & she was so hopping mad about it! But yeah see I started in ’73 watching Y&R & that’s why despite what they’ve poorly written for her, I will always love Sharon, cause I’ve just kinda grew up with her & who hasn’t had a crush on someone on the show, when I was a teen it was Paul for me. My sister never really liked anyone on the show, which is why she started watching Days & then wanted me to watch it with her so we started taping it. She liked Patch. She never got interested in ATWT until ’83 when she happened to see Christian LeBlanc who was Kirk McCall but before that, she would only watch Y&R with us & she never did get interested in GL. She loved the adventure type SL’s. My grandma always liked the more reality based SL’s better. Those were the days. I would love the episodes from back then.

          27. Jessie Henson Long says:

            Snapper Foster was the crush on Y&R when it first came on. Brookes family were main family. Don’t know why they were phased out.

          28. Ang says:

            LOL, that’s who my grandma liked, she was so happy when Knight Rider came on. She’ll watch anything with him in it! Do you remember when Tom Selleck was on? My aunt always had a major crush on him! I didn’t really like him until Friends, loved him in that show. I would have never guessed he was 35 when he started Magnum, I thought he was like 10 years younger than that!

          29. Carol lanning says:

            I love the show I grew up with Niki Paul Victor nick. I had to get a local attention to watch because dish shut local stations off

        2. Kathryn Knight says:

          I been watching since I was a teen and I’ll be 60 in November.

          1. Deborah Robicheau says:

            I been watching when I was 17 and I’ll be 60 in Dec .

      2. Ang says:

        YOu sound like my grandma, after ATWT went off in ’10 & GL in ’09 but she died last year & fell twice in ’14 so she was bleeding in her brain for almost a year. Kept having really bad headaches so she never felt like watching, she was never quite the same after that.

      3. Pat says:

        I am 65 now I also watched with my mom I have some episodes still on old beta and vcr my mom no longer with me but I still watch Y& R daily…always has been my favortie soap always will be I’m with u Shirley King never take it off. BEST SOAP EVER.

        1. Ang says:

          Yeah I had some on the VCR tapes too but I finally threw them away a few years ago cause I thought I was going to move but I didn’t have to thank God, I found a way to not lose my home! Wish I hadn’t have thrown them out but I figured my VCR would stop working soon & then I wouldn’t get to watch them anyways.

    3. Suezie says:

      I also started watching it then best soap on tv

    4. grubby says:

      Yes me too. I turned on my set to watch ” Where the Heart Is” and was so annoyed it had been cancelled. Had no clue and this was before Soap Opera Digest was around to give us a ‘ heads up'( or at least before I knew SOD was around) But the thrill of watching that very first episode of Y & R more than made up for it. Has been wonderful watching the evolution of this great soap opera all these years. There were some wonderful characters on back then. Recall Snapper Foster’s affair with Sally ending with the pregnancy and birth of Chuckie. His engagement & marriage to Chris Brooks. Her sisters, Leslie Lauralee & Peggy. The crazy young Jill Foster and her affair with Mrs. C’s husband Phillip and all that surrounded that. Despite being disappointed with the writing in the past year I will never stop watching it.

    5. CMH says:

      That’s super – hope you might get a “walk on” with the show, Lorie – and it’s fun to read what so many others here wrote who have watched from the very beginning like you have! I’m 65, and started watching in 1974 or early 1975. While working and before VHS ability to record, I missed some, but glad we have DVR’s now to keep up, since I am still working. (Hope to retire next year).

    6. Ella says:

      Me two, or three, LOL with the Brooks girls dancing and singing around the dining room table. Miss how the shots changed at random and hard to predict what we would see next.. Loved Brock and his guitar…. Loved the show, now a bit hard to take sometimes…

      1. Ang says:

        LOL, I’ve lost count too Ella. I remember that too. Yeah I loved Brock & his guitar & him calling Katherine “Duchess”!

    7. SHERYL GREY says:

      Me too Lori Kaye, and I’m 60. I remember the very 1st episode, and I also remember when Paul, and Nicky were just teenagers/very young adults lol…

      1. Ang says:

        I remember too even though I was only 7 when I started watching & was 9 when Paul first came on or well right before my 9th birthday. Sure wish I could meet a nice stand up guy like that in RL. Sure is funny how I can remember all of the characters over the years & everything & from all the soaps I’ve watched but I’ll be darned if I can remember something from last week, had a car accident the year before I got pregnant & had short term memory loss & have had a time remembering things ever since! But like they say, when we’re young, our brains are like a sponge unlike when we’re older!

    8. Deb says:

      I have also watched with my mom since the first episode and I’m now 64 and she’s 86. She hasn’t watched in quite some time because she got so fed up with the storylines. I am also at that point. If they don’t clear Adam soon so that I can start watching again, I just don’t know. I’m sure it’s Adam that gets Victor all bloodied, and why wouldn’t he? He is one of the most awful parents in history. I keep saying this, but I don’t know how they can continually let him get away with the terrible things he does to his family and others. It’s awful.

      1. Ang says:

        I know, I love Nikki but I knew she’d never be happy with Victor with how he treated his first wife. I don’t call what he feels true love, haven’t for decades now. The Victor scene could be all a dream like the other day!
        Yeah I’ve never liked Victor as a husband or a father. He didn’t learn anything from his father. Like I said, I have loved Nikki but dang I wanted to shake her when she was apologizing & graveling at his feet, the same goes for his children too!

    9. Carolyn says:

      Get in line. I’ve been watching since it started and my poor husband watched it every night with me on dvr. I am now 78

  2. alice age says:

    don`t let Adam die,

    1. Ewa says:

      He will not die, don’t worry 🙂

    2. may mathieu says:

      I don’t want Adam to be die either .I want him to be with his loving family once for all. Time to catch the monster

      1. may mathieu says:

        Love Adam so much he is a great guy he is my best one

        1. may mathieu says:

          I know it’s just a movie when Chelsea bring Corner to Adam in jail .when he hug his son i cry .even just a movie i was very sad .Please let him out once for all.Everythings that happen it’s not his fault was accident .He is not a bad person.Love him so much he is my best one

  3. Kathy werner says:

    Love this soap but it needs to be an hour show 30 minutes is not long enough with all the commercials. Don’t let Adam die

    1. Judy Hahn says:

      It is an hour

      1. Omi T. says:

        She is talking about without the commercials. It is shorter with commercials added to it.

      2. Cindy says:

        It’s only adout 37 min. Without the commercials

    2. David says:

      Im missing something. I thought it WAS an hour show. It airs here every weekday from 12:30 until 1:30

      1. Judy says:

        Yes I get it for 1 hour. I think they are talking about the commercials taking up so much of that hour. If you tape the show, take out the commercials you only see about 30 minutes of the show.

        1. Deb says:

          But just remember No commercials No show. It’s sad but true. They are what pays for the show.

          1. CRudd says:

            Where does all the money go that I pay the cable company? I would think that some of that would go to production of the show. If the TV stations only knew that many of us record our shows so we don’t have to watch all of that plus listen to the increased volume they blast into our homes!!!!!

    3. sandy delzer says:

      where do you get 30 min. we get a hour show here.

      1. pat says:

        It is on a full hour but with ads it is about 50 minuts

        1. Ewa says:

          Without commercials it is just 35 – 40 minutes.

      2. Laurie Chartrand says:

        If you time the commercials, it works out to be abou 20 – 25 minutes of show.

        1. David says:

          Yep, those dish detergent, accident lawyer, viagra, cell phone commercials pay the television station bills. It is one of life’s i evitable evils……….(sort of like a Victor Newman)………we dont like it but its there

        2. Robin says:

          37 min

          1. Victoria says:

            I assume it is the networks who set the advertising rates for corporations – example – $25,000 per 2 minutes. The networks are to blame for the ridiculous ratio. Be that as it may, I remember back in the 50’s when a famous coffee commercial was 5 minutes long. That was the time to go and make the coffee and snack aiming to back on time to resume watching until the next commercial interruption – likely bathroom breaks for the whole family. In short, people didn’t watch commercials – they skipped them…except for when my daughter was little and shhhhhh’d the entire room when a commercial came on but it was okay for her to babble during the show! LOL

      3. Larry Jones says:

        If you ever watch the full episodes on youtube they have the commercials cut out. The actual show is on around 35 minutes plus 25 minutes of commercials.

      4. ginger says:

        you get 30 minutes of show 30 minutes of commercials there is your hour

      5. sis says:

        Maybe thinking of Bold and Beautiful it’s an half hour show mainly maybe 20 minutes

    4. sandy delzer says:

      where do you get 30 min. we get a hour show here.

    5. sandy delzer says:

      where to you get 30 min, We get a hour show here’

      1. Carolyn Baldwin says:

        Take out all commercials… have about that..

    6. Kathie Williams says:

      It is an hour show but with all the commercials it cuts it to like 40 mins or less I DVR it.

    7. Carolyn Baldwin says:

      Don’t know where you watch but , it is an hour.

      1. Ewa says:

        With all commercial it is 1 hour 🙂

    8. Robin says:

      It’s is hour

  4. CATHY GRUBB says:


  5. Doris says:

    It’s getting better I hope it doesn’t get took off I have been watching it for a good while I’m 73 years old that should tell you something tell the people if they take it off we are going to kick butts

    1. pat says:

      fans fought to keep AMC & OLTL on the air and see how far that got.

      1. Guest says:

        IKR, I was one of those people!

    2. AsTheSoapTurns says:

      Is there talk about it getting taken off the air? They better not!

  6. Pat Holland says:

    i hope victor dont go back to jail and gets adam out and let chloe and bella live a good life. i know shes had her faults but she lost her little girl. i still dont think adam did it i wish they would hurry up and tell who did so chloe can forgive adam.i wish kevin and miriah would get together. and

    1. Lela Bell says:

      Adam did not do it, Nikki was out on the road that night as well, I think she did it and was too drunk to know she hit someone.

      1. Cat says:

        Now that make sense!!!!

      2. Lee says:

        I agree. I’ve been saying that all along. It would be nice to knock that bitch off her high horse when this truth comes out.

      3. Chan says:

        No… Her car would have been damaged.

      4. Ewa says:

        I think that Nikki hit Delia but she was not drunk that night. She was on her way from Dylan’s coffee house to Victoria’s place as she promised her daughter to babysit Johnny. I remembered they showed her just for very short moment. She was listening the classical music from radio (or CD) and it was very loud. She was crying, she was shaking and absolutely in no condition to drive a car. It was nighty when she decided to tell Dylan that she is his biological mother and a t some moment Victor got into coffee house and saw her crying and being very emotional, so he thought that Dylan said/did something to her. Victor yelled at Dylan and Nikki got even more emotional, she sobbed, she was shaken and run out of the coffee house.

        1. Robin says:

          Sage hit her.
          Not Nikki

      5. Deborah Robicheau says:

        No, I don’t think is Nikki, it was an accident, Adam did by accident and he didn’t what he was hit that why he get out the vehicle and see what was in there so he couldn’t see it good because it was to dark at night, that was Billy fault he did leave the little girl and dog in a car, then the ran away so the little girl run after the dog so that night she was hit by vehicle .

        1. Deborah Robicheau says:

          Nikki Hit Christine while she was pregnant and she lost the baby. Nikki wasn’t drunk, she was drinking too and Neil was drinking and drunk , then put the wheel while Nikki was driving.

          1. Robin says:

            It was sage

        2. B.A. says:

          I so agree with you. People complain about long storylines yet viewers are dragging this out. Adam accidentally hit Dehlia. It went to court. He was convicted. It’s done!!!

          1. Lela Bell says:

            Courts and people make mistakes.

      6. Robin says:

        It was nick wife sage. Not Nikki

  7. Lupita says:

    DONT let ADAM Die. He has a Beautiful family. Put Victor where he belongs. Please. He is such a Snake

    1. Lela Bell says:

      Get replacement if need bee.

      1. Patricia Barrett says:

        Sorry there is noone that can play the great Victor Newman or Mrs. Chancellor thats why they killed her off the entire show after she passed away. I’ve been watching this show sunce I was a youngster.

        1. sis says:

          Me too Patricia she was an great actor sorry for her passing I’m glad they did not try and replace her I can not think of another just as Victor no one can replace him thank goodness there is only one of him (smile) love the actor

      2. Barbara D. says:

        Lela Bell : Some people can not be replaced. Victor is one
        of these people.

    2. Mary Ellen Hilton says:

      Victor may be a snake, but he is the show….The former Phyllis was just as important as Victor…No Victor no show.

      1. sis says:

        Couldn’t had said it better Mary Ellen Hilton

  8. David says:

    This is quite interesting!! Reading this comment section on the YOUNG and the Restless and see viewers age 88, 61, 73, etc. etc. its not just a young peoples show. My wife and I have been 30 year addicts of the show……… Im 68 and she is 66.

    1. pat says:

      I’m 79

      1. David says:

        Old viewers rule!!!!! We are as sharp as everyone. Wait, what was I talking about?

        1. Lela Bell says:

          Laugh out loud!!!

        2. Diane says:

          HA! HA! Cute comment! I’m 73 and have watched from Day One…love it. Needs better writing and quicker resolves……hanging on to each story line is too long!!!

          1. Lillian Hooper says:

            I DEFINATELY agree! They’re terrific stories but way way too long. A lot
            of my friends said they stopped watching because it’s the same subject
            over & over (never seems to be ending) and bring in some new stories.

        3. Barbara D. says:

          David : Witty !

        4. Kathryn Knight says:

          Being old David!!

          1. David says:

            Thanks Kathryn! Getting old is no fun, well not totally. I can DVR an episode of Y&R and watch it again in two days and enjoy it because I have already forgotten what happened. But seriously, I hope the writers realize how many seniors they have that are hooked on the show and remember our short attention spans (lol) and reduce the length of some of the long, long, long drawn out storylines.

          2. Ang says:

            but the good thing about that is if we have a crisis in real life we dont’ miss much, LOL!

    2. Lela Bell says:

      I am 73, been watching since forever I was a young teenager. The Brooks, Forsters and of course Victor and Laura and Mrs Chancelor. Jill was a hair dresser.

      1. Carolyn Baldwin says:

        Loved it then. Had great storylines too. What happened ????? I worry it is going to be too late to save it . Hate to see it go down the same road as As the World Turns and Guiding Light………I doubt if anyone reads any of our postings but , there is always a chance some one just might for laughs and know how we , the true fans for years , feel. I pray so…..

        1. Maria says:

          writers are still dragging their tails on finishing things they started months ago, the only thing they move fast is making babies grow up in a few months and sending off to school, Europe, or college….The Sully thing went on too long, always punishing Adam, Victor always being evil, no heart or remorse or compassion. Hope they make some good changes soon.

      2. Barb says:

        I am 73 and I started watching ATWT when I was very young. Watched Y&R since day one also

        1. Ang says:

          My favorite SL in ATWT was Tom & Margo, I just loved them, when I started watching Tom was played by Justin Deas, always loved him!

      3. Rita says:

        No she was a manicurist

        1. Rita says:

          I am 73 my mom and I started watching when it first came on. My daughter and I watch it and we have my granddaughter who is 16 watching it. She tapes it and watches it when she gets home from school. Now that is four generations watching y&r . Can anyone top this lol 🙂

          1. Violet says:

            Rita, how about 5 generations off and on. I am 83 and watched from day one, when my children were young, I didn’t work. My mom watched it after she retired. My daughter watched while she was growing up, and her daughter watched with me while at my house. Her daughter, my great granddaughter does not watch it because of school and work but she knows everyone on the show from seeing it with all of us .

          2. Ang says:

            Wish I had that, I started with my grandma but if my daddy caught my sister & I watching, we got our butts worn out, he didn’t believe in them & my daughter always played outside or something else, she never got interested in them, if she wasn’t playing, she had her nose in a book, she’s very intelligent! But we are very close despite the fact that she doesn’t watch, we’ve been through alot together!

          3. Rita says:

            Wow violet, you have me beat with 5 generations. I just love this show. My daughter gets tired of the same old story lines now and then but she always comes back. I look at nicki today and remember her swinging on a pole. I think victor is more handsome today then when he was young. He has aged well. Have a great day all!!!!

      4. Susie says:

        I remember it well

    3. Kim says:

      I have been watching since it has begun airing in 1973, I was 13….Now i am 56, and My Husband watches at 55 and my Mom watches at the age of 76..Many people miss the older generations. I started watching as well with my Great- Grandmother and Grandmother..Lots of Generations…

    4. Suezie says:

      HI was also a teenager when I started watching and I turned 65 in May it’s like I know all the actors and actresses personally lol just don’t ever take it off its part of my life now lol

      1. Guest says:

        It came on in 1973, if you turned 65 in May, then you were 22 when you started watching, thus not a teenager!

        1. sue says:

          Excuse me for not doing my math before posting, it’s a good thing we have know it all like yourself to set us straight, not all humans are perfect like you, it must take you a week to go through everyone’s comments and do their math and correct their mistakes, and anyway it’s none of your business so if you don’t have anything to comment about the soap itself then don’t comment on people’s flaws..

          1. Deb says:

            You tell him/her, Sue. What a coward. Can’t even give their name. No comment about the show, just about mathematical errors. We could pick each other’s grammar and math apart all day on these forums, but most of us choose to discuss the program in question.

          2. sue says:

            That’s right Deb it takes a coward to hide there identity ,I don’t think our guest commenter knows anything about the soap because they only look for people’s mistakes, but we know how long we have been watching it and I can tell you anything about it,I love the soap and that’s it go go blow it out ur nose there guest speaker..

          3. Guest says:

            Either you made a mistake or you lied, I know all about the soaps, watched since day one too by the way!

    5. Ang says:

      I love that, have always wished for a man I could watch my soaps with, my ex just put me down all the time about it. Your wife is so lucky to have you & 30 years at that, wow!

      1. David says:

        Ang, a lot of men feel it is unmasculine to watch a girly girly soap opera. It wasn’t you! And my wife, who will be 48 years my bride next Wednesday, the 17th, had a stroke two months ago (may 30) and spent 25 days in the hospital getting therapy. Do you know that my visitation always came at Y&R time where we shared lunch together like we do EVERY day at Y&R time. The doctors and nurses learned dont run tests or give shots during Y&R. Hang in there Ang. Enjoy your show and always know my wife and I are watching it “with” you.

        1. Ang says:

          Awww, you’re sweet! I hope your wife gets better soon. I helped my mom after her stroke & she made a full recovery but she didn’t appreciate my daughter & my help. My dad just had one 8 months ago & I was going to do the same for him but my mom & brother took over & wouldn’t let me. It has broke my heart so I really hope your wife gets better & enjoy every single day with her, it is very rare to find a good man these days!

  9. Omi T. says:

    I’m getting so excited about the coming events on Y&R…. Yes, yes more untold stories to come our way… Just love it!!!

    1. Lela Bell says:

      I am waiting for something new.

  10. Diane says:

    I have been watching it since I was 16 and I want a part on this soap

  11. Darlene Harris says:

    Is Victor going to set up Luca , lol take the wrap of Clouy for hiding two pages missing from Sage diary , then they set Adam free and Luca goes to jail . ??? Hmmm interesting come up next week

  12. connie hodson says:

    don’t let adam die or victor leave

  13. judy says:

    I have watched from the beginning also it was much better back then I liked the brooks family but they all went off same with jills brothers and nikkies sister I stll watch reruns of the rat patrol when Victor was like 25 the soaps now are too much sex need better stories

    1. Kathy says:

      I have watched it from the beginning and I am 58. Feel like they are my family.

      1. Ang says:

        me too Kathy!!

  14. Debi Kyle says:

    I started watching the same time as most of l’m 61.

  15. Deb Oliver says:

    My mom (92 yrs old) and I (59) have been watching since the show started. Now I have my daughter and daughter-in-law watching. Hope the show is on the air for years to come!

  16. cathy says:

    Watch every day with my son. Im 65, he is 37. I love Adam, he likes Summer. Wonder why!?

    1. Barbara D. says:

      cathy : No offense intended but perhaps your son is a typical , red-blooded
      male ? Once again , no offence intended on my part.

  17. Kathy says:

    I have watched Y&R since the beginning also and I am 58. I feel like they are my family. Love this show

  18. Jennifer says:

    Started watching with my granny when I was little , 42 now and still watch everyday !!!! Got my husband addicted too!!!

  19. faye hackney says:

    I have been watching since it first aired. my hubby watch’s it with me too !!!!

  20. Ben Autieri says:

    I’ve been watching the show since it premiered when I was 12 I can’t imagine life without The Young and the Restless like a second family

    1. Ang says:

      I was 7, I know what you mean, I know more about them than I do with most people, LOL!

  21. Ruby West says:

    Love this show. Worked 53 years and love watching it every day.since I retired. You have good writers,in my opinion.

  22. Tray says:

    I’m 47 and been watching is since I was 18 now my girls watch it and so does my husband when I dvr it I love Y&R

    1. Guest says:

      What are you talking about? It’s only been on for 43 years so you had to be 4 years old then?

      1. sue says:

        Keep you nose out of people’s comments ,miss perfect. Go find a toy to play with and let us adults talk about our soaps,or take a nap when the soap comes on because you don’t know anything about it miss perfect.

      2. Lolo says:

        She did not say how many years she watched , only that she started when she was 18yrs.old and is now 47.

        1. Guest says:

          But if she’s 47 & it came on 43 years ago, the math says that she would be 4 when she started. Or the flip side, 18 + 43 is 61 so either way, the math is wrong, she made a mistake or she lying!

          1. Dina says:

            She didn’t say she has been watching it for 43 years she was 18 and is now 47

    2. sue says:

      As you can see tray we have a guest speaker on this site,checking everyone’s mistakes ,goodness me what would we do without her input ,the smartest person in the world ,but she doesn’t know anything about this soap, she needs to take a nap ,I see why she doesn’t want to show her name she’s ashamed of it lol

  23. Janet says:

    I’ve been watching since I was a teen and I love the show… I pvr it daily and sometimes it takes me a while, but then I watch them all in a row. As much as I love to hate Victor, I am SO happy he and Nicky are back together 🙂 What can I say? True love!

    Now about Sully….come on …we have to get that out!

    1. Guest says:

      true love? OMG Please!!

  24. LISA says:

    Love Phyllis

    1. Barbara D. says:

      LISA : Like yourself , I love Phyllis . She is a very talented actress.

  25. Faye Baxley says:

    I can’t wait to see Sully with Nick.

  26. AsTheSoapTurns says:

    I have not been watching regularly since Chloe came back. I just cannot stand her! She ruins the whole soap, and makes me cringe. I am so upset they took off Michael E. Knight’s character for her! She is like nails on a chalkboard!
    Why are viewers talking about hoping they don’t take the soap off the air?

    1. B.A. says:

      Love Chloes character. She is fun! And I don’t believe she ” replaced” Michael Knight. They are astronomically different storylines.

      1. Barbara D. says:

        B.A. : You are right. Like yourself, I do not believe that Michael E.Knight’s
        ( Dr. Neville ) departure from ” The Young and the Restless ” has had
        anything to do with rehiring of Elizabeth Hendrickson ( Chloe ).

  27. Kathy says:

    been watching since 77 got my Mom interested don’t remember when she started I think it was in the 80’S. Got my husband interested love the soap

    1. Ang says:

      I started the year before, ’76! Been watching for 40 years!

  28. Jocelyn says:

    Adam is leaving the show and there is talk that the previous Adam will be back. I would love to be with the cast for a few minutes to give Nick a big hug!!

    1. Barbara D. says:

      Jocelyn : As much as I like Justin Hartley , I would be so pleased
      if Michael Muhney reprised the role of Adam. I am in awe of his
      acting skills.

  29. Marol Lee Knight says:

    I don’t care how what you say……I will always love Victor! Been watching for years. Can’t stand this Luca!

  30. Patricia Weinmann says:

    Hey Tiffany — loved the review and love Young and Restless which all generations in our family have watched. Mother is 95, I am 72, daughter is 52 grandchildren 23 and 21 — it covers all of us wonderfully

  31. MELISSA says:

    this preview looks like Chelsey in the prison while there’s a fire they better no let her dies I will be very pissed off over that…..

    1. Ewa says:

      I believe it is all Adam’s and Chelsea’s night mare.

      1. Melissa says:

        Maybe but I dont think so Adam is leaving maybe this is how they are going to change him….

  32. Georgia says:

    My mom and I started watching from the beginning, but sadly she passed away at age 70. I am now 68 and still watch. I am glad to see that things are getting resolved finally after such a long period of never getting anywhere. It looks like Adam snaps just as they are about to prove his innocense. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot Adam even though Victor’s character really is an ugly person.

  33. Luke Pegues says:

    omg! omg!

  34. nadine dennison says:

    love the show, no matter what the writers do with the characters. hate that some have been killed off and replaced, but still watching none the less!

  35. Martin Balintfy says:

    I’ve been watching this shows since 1947

    1. Ewa says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. Ang says:

      Just curious, what’s the first soap you watched?

  36. Jason Currey says:

    When I was real little I thought soaps were very boring. The day I started watching y&r is when I was 14 years old and the episodes I remember is when nick gets put on trial for the shooting of Matt Clark. I remember that episode like it was yesterday and I still watch y&r until this day. I was 2 years behind a couple of times for not having tv but now I watch it on and if it wasn’t for me having that app I would still b really because. I’ll b watching it until the day it stops airing!!

  37. Sunny says:

    I’ve watched since the 1st episode. In fact, I scheduled my classes in college around the show during the week. Had to be back in the dorm to watch it. I had a 5″ screen tv. Even now I tape it everyday do I don’t miss a show.

    1. Ang says:

      LOL, I did too, I started watching when I was 7 & when I went to college I did the same thing, I had a 13″ one. Yeah I DVR it, love that, no commercials!

  38. Rachel says:

    I hope Victor makes Luca look guilty with the diary pages! This would get him out of the show!!! The saga of Phyllis’ is dragging too much!!!!

    1. Carol says:

      I’m 73 and still watching the show. I love the actors they are all so talented. My only complaint is that the Ashby’s are not in the mix enough, there has to be more than just the NEWMAN’S!

  39. Debby Calvert says:

    Been watching since day one and it was then and still is the highlight of my day love Y&R

  40. Joni says:

    Love Phyliss’ grit and determination, she c1an be hell on heels … I’d love to see her clean Sharon’s clock! The Sharon crazy/sane drama is a real downer that should be pulled from this show. Watching her year after year after year .. good grief enuff already! Nobody cares about Sharon! So many great twist n turns with everyone else … limit her camera time please, focus on Billy, Mariah (they would make a awesome couple ) Dylan, …. Summer needs to be reinvented too … she comes across as whining all the time!! I cringe when she’s on…. make her a little more strong, bad ass if you will ! Maria’s dry smart ass humor is 100 … love her…. she’s a great actress that is deserving of more story line n air time!

    1. Barbara D. says:

      Joni : I agree with your opinion on Mariah. She is a wonderful actress whose
      role should be augmented.

    2. Tiffany says:

      Yeah there are plenty of fans that still love Sharon & Sharon Case is the best actress on this show!!

    3. B.A. says:

      I love Sharon. She is an awesome actress and plays her part extremely well.

  41. Lizzie says:

    Victor is the MAN!!.no one can touch him. (Only temporary ) no show without him..please let Sharon give the baby back this summer ..

    1. Barbara D. says:

      Lizzie : You are right. Victor is THE man.

  42. Melsielou says:

    I think people like the old way is because it had some glamour. Today the are always in a little office the club or hotel room. Kathryn’s house yuk, no pretty Jacks house, the clothes are weird. The mystery is drug out so long that you miss a week hoping it comes to an ens and it has barely moved.

  43. Suzy says:

    Been watching for a long time, even with my parents…I’m 70 & still watch Y&R!!!

  44. Jean LaPointe says:

    let Summer get some adult brains and get rid of Luca

  45. Pamela says:

    I love the young and restless

  46. Connie Olson says:

    I have watched this show also from the time it began and I have enjoyed every show. I know sometimes there may be a few ups and downs that we really like or dislike, but that is what it’s all about–LIFE(every character’s storyline) and all the journeys and adventures it gives and takes. This is my “FAVORITE” show!! Awesome!!!!

    1. Joan B says:

      I started watching w hen I retired in 1993 and am still watching at 86!!! everyone in the family knows not to call while it is not!!!!!

  47. Lillian Hooper says:

    Terrific! I can’t wait to see the outcome of all the Y & R transactions going on, it’s
    very very interesting…..LOVE IT!!

  48. Shirley Sutherland says:

    I’ve watched this show since it began in 1973 when I was 17 and now I’m 63……….and I am puzzled about Lauren and Jill being sisters and they weren’t related way back when……………

    1. Guest says:

      if you are 63, then you were 20 when you started watching, it’s been on air for 43 years now.

    2. Shirley says:

      Oops I mean 19 cause we didn’t have t.v.till the 1973…..

  49. Kimberly Scholl says:

    I LOVE this show I have watched for about 29 yrs. My husband started watching when he was layed off from work and still is watching its been about 15 yrs for him. Y&R is the best soap on TV. Keep up the good work.

  50. Patricia Gurry says:

    Don’t want Adam to lose all hope. He loves his family. I am really angry at PHyllis for her affair with Billy. Jack is such a great guy and really loves Phyllis. Some how
    Victor really. needs to change or be really punished..

  51. smoke says:

    Adam your no saint yourself. You have begged for forgiveness, so as others have unto you then I so hope you return the same unto your father Victor. Yes he’s been trying to undo it, it’s Chloe hiding the pages that kept you behind bars. He’s been doing all but, to unravel the mess.

    1. Guest says:

      Yeah but not because he’s sorry, he’s still trying to control everyone!

  52. Krista Ann says:

    Cloe needs to get caught. So does Victor and he needs to do real jail time the last time was a joke

  53. smoke says:

    Fans are ready for Mariah to show her softer sweeter side.. She deserves as much screen time, that Summer has.

    1. Barbara D. says:

      smoke : Mariah definitely deserves more air time. Her character is interesting
      and well written with plenty of good and witty dialogue. The actress who
      portrays Mariah is a very talented one.

  54. BEV WOOD says:


  55. Kim Ritzert says:

    Just wish the stories wouldn’t drag on so long.

  56. Kim Ritzert says:

    I also have been watching Y&R since the 70’s off and on. I am now 55.

  57. Rosemary Conley says:

    Love this show. I hope Adam gets out of jail, but from video more trouble ahead. Sounds Like it will be a good week.

  58. HermeniaLowery says:

    I even watch ever since l been in junior high love the soap opera.

  59. Connie Lacroix says:

    I want Adam to be free he did not do it so please make him come out now.

  60. EVA COLEMAN says:

    Love the show, I have to admit it is doing much better, the writer has improved, keep up the good work

  61. Linda Hankin says:

    I started watching when I was 35 I’m now 77, when I married my husband 14 years ago he also started watching, he would get upset with the story line and say he wasn’t going to watch anymore, he could only last a day and would start watching again. Unfortunately he passed away this past February at the age of 91 but I bet he’s still watching, and he knows what’s going on with Victor and still gets upset with him.

  62. Jean says:

    Get Adam out of jail n back with his family….Get rid of Luca, he up to no good…

  63. mariem says:

    I don’t care how long or who has been watching the Writers need to move faster on these story lines , and there u (the writers) not doing a thing about Sga rt on and all of her )is and deception, that’s why I only read the comments every now and then.

  64. Janet Campos says:

    I wish you would bring Nick’s wife back so Sharon will get busted in her lies. And Adam out of Prison when the pages come to light

  65. Maureen says:

    Can’t wait for next weeks.

  66. Maureen says:

    Can’t wait for next week. Hope Adam is out of jail and Luca gets caught.

  67. Linda says:

    I was caring for a sister with cancer..I lived with her for four months and nothing would do except we watch Y&R. After she passed away and I returned home, years later.. I’m still watching Y&R lol She told me I would, I am..

  68. Lady Kay says:

    I agree. It’s the only soap I watch. Iove when the writers show flash backs.

  69. Tonya says:

    So my two cents. I’d come home at lunch in the summer to check on my two girls, and they would have this soap on. Probably somewhere in the early 80 ‘s. So I’d catch bits and pieces of of the show. I’ve continued to watch it ever since though my girls don’t. :)?. I had a decorated wood block in front of the recorder, so the channels couldn’t be switched. With a big ” you better not change the channel or else!!!” Lol. So love DVrs. now days!!! Stopped watching all other soaps!!!

  70. Christine Jarreau says:

    I’ve been watching it since I was 8 & I’m 54 now! I remember the fosters & Pauls whole family Katherine being a drunk & killing her husband. Jill having an affair with Katherines husband! Please don’t ever take it off the air!????

  71. Kathleen Wightman says:

    What was going on with someone was trying to strangle Victor. I was out of town for a week and missed something.

  72. Mary says:

    I like a lot of other people started watching the show from the beginning. And when I was working I would tape it, then watch after the children were put to bed. I wish the show would have kept the Brooks family, with the father and four daughters. I miss Jeanne Cooper. She was a great actress.

  73. Diane Peck says:

    Watcjed since day 1 my show

  74. Diane Peck says:

    Watcjed since day 1 my show

  75. diane lett says:

    Wow I too watch since the frist day,I was home sick from school. I was 16 am 60 now, me and aunt watch together, love this show can’t get out of my system love Victor. I would die if this show ever go off the air.

  76. Victoria Smith says:

    Like most of you, I have been watching since the first episode, I am now 72. Love the show, have grown old with the cast members.

  77. April Damsa says:

    Good , but I hope they show what Luca is really up to before hurting Summer!

  78. Dave says:

    My wife has been watching from the start and I started 6 years ago and have become a big fan. Last April got an opportunity to go to the studio and watch some tapings it was awesome sat in victors chair !!!! Met a lot of the cast, very friendly bunch. Big fan and staying that way b

  79. Margie says:

    I also started watching from day one. with my mother. But you need to change the name to THE VICTOR SHOW. Getting very old just watching who he is going to mess with today….

  80. Nanny says:

    I Love Love Love Y&R since the beginning. They are my other family. I follow their personal lives and cry when they have pain or rejoice when they are happy. Years ago I was sitting at a yard sale and Mr Chancellor died and I cried so hard my customers were leaving because they thought I had lost it. I am 72 years young full of energy and have all my marbles. I have always wanted to be a movie star. I won the state of Indiana in humor a few years ago. I could be the next Betty white or Mrs Chancellor. Tee hee

  81. Yvonna says:

    I am currently 69 years old. Been watching YandR since I was a teenager. My mom and I watched and then when my dad retired,he became addicted to the show. There was no need to call them when it was on because dad refused to answer the phone.

  82. Christine Swann says:

    I love Adam (Justin H.) , I’m just hoping he doesn’t get killed off, hopefully he doesn’t committ suicide. Please let him do 2 shows. Sorry I like this Adam

  83. Carol Parsons says:

    Its a shame that soap operas are going to be obsolete. There are a lot of people who enjoy watching them, including me. My mother who is 73, still watches them and was upset when the others on CBS was cancelled. She loves Y&R and B&B. Ive watched them since I was a kid also and my daughter watched them when she was little and still does to this day. She records them so she can watch them when she gets off work or when she has a little “me” time(which isnt often), due to having 3 kids and a hubby to take of. But, any who. Love the plots & twists on Y&R. But wish they didnt drag on so long on some story lines(Sharon/Sully aka Christian). But, hey. Thats the soap life I guess. LOL….

  84. Derryl King says:

    Please get Sully to his correct parents. He will be a year old soon ( per soap time)
    On the Bold & Beautiful, they never drag on the story line, you know the outcome quickly
    Get moving Y&R!!!

  85. judi says:

    i also have watched since the first day excepet for some years i had to work i am 76

    1. Lolo says:

      Judi, I have also watched from day one. Was addicted to watching all the CBS shows. Listened to GL on the radio when I was a child..I would go home from school for lunch and from every house I passed I could hear it. Then started watching when it was put on TV, along with Love of Life, Search For Tomorrow, Edge Of Night, ATWT, Where The Heart Is, Capital and B&B. Y&R premiered after I was married but I decided to go back to work and was so addicted that my husband bought me a portable radio that also had the TV channels on them so that you could at least listen to the soaps. Remember those!!! Brought the radio to work with earphones, later on got a VCR and programmed the soaps to be taped everyday and now I have DVR. In case it hasn’t be figured out yet, I am 77yrs old. I would hate not being to watch Y&R even though I do not like the way the writers are changing it’s characters. Hopefully they will go back to being true to the character.

  86. Betty Usher says:


  87. georgia says:

    wow, you guys really are long termers! i loved Another World…i was so heartbroken when it concluded. anybody else love it? i started Y&R in 1987 or so…and cannot live without it! —do not watch any other soaps!

  88. B.A. says:

    Love this preview. Should be lots of drama and hopefully a closure or 2
    Now Mr. Police Chief, you owe you son an apology…and gratitude although the case isn’t closed…

  89. Carol Morgano says:

    I have been watching forever. Really never miss and occasionally I catch my husband watching in the other room. He knows most all the characters but I know he woud never admit it!

  90. Sandy Doherty says:

    I have watched since high school and I am now 64. I had to get a DVR just so I do not miss any episodes. This is my major quirk but will watch till I die. My husband laughs at me. When he sees Vicktor he says “Him Again!”.

  91. Frances k Gray says:

    Everyone losing their minds over false information!!! Lies all lies people’s lives getting turned upside down over bullcrap!!!

  92. Joyce says:

    Would love to see Travis return.

    1. BILLY FRENCH says:


  93. Joyce says:

    But also not much on Summer never have been. Love Sharon and Dylan together.

  94. Chaunt\'a Beard says:

    Love it…… Been watching it since the 70’s. I’m in my 60’s now, and it just keeps getting better. Keeps me on the edge for the next episode. I think the Y&R and B&B are the best soap ever. I have to agree with the other young lady. Never take them off!

  95. Linda says:

    My mother listened to some soaps on the radio when I was a child. Then we got a TV and and the soaps were only 15 mins long for a long time. Some got longer time slots later on but my mother watched every soap on every channel. She pulled up a chair in front of the TV and she switched channels back and forth every day. She never left the house while they wer on. Drs appts were made AFTER 3 pm! If you came to visit in the day time, you better be quite! She told you about all of the characters and she believed they lived out there someplace. When someone died, she sent a sympathy card. She sent birthday cards, wedding cards baby cards! This was her family as sure as the 6 kids she gave birth to were. We just weren’t as exciting I guess. ! LOL

    1. Linda says:

      The Edge of Night, As the world Turns, Search for Tomorrow, Can’t even remember all of the names and I am 68 and this was in the 50’s

  96. Debra Haynes Breen says:

    The Soap Hub redhead needs to lose the red lipstick and clothes. A hairstylist wouldn’t hurt. No offense intended. This is constructive criticism.

    1. Barbara D. says:

      Debra Haynes Breen : That is what I think every time I see her.

  97. Y&R fan says:

    Don’t give up Adam Chelsea loves you and will fight for you to get home. Think positive it will keep you strong, Dylan has a good tip, so let Adam go home with his family, now.

  98. Deborah says:

    I watched the very first episode with my mother and sister we always call each other and talked about the show each day, but my mother passed in 2004 and my sisters couldn’t watch anymore. I still watch and I think about my mother when I do it’s like her watching it with me.

  99. Eugenia H Pope says:

    I have watch Y & R from the beginning, and continue to watch each week day. It is one of my favorite shows.

  100. SHERYL GREY says:

    OMG….I so want to see Victor and Phyllis nail Luca to the jailhouse wall. He is a snake in the grass!! I hope the big KARMA train will be rolling through soon. 😮

  101. Susie says:

    I can’t wait to they take Luca down

  102. Brigitte Akil says:

    I would LoVe to be on the Young and the rest less they need a Jew black bitch to handle Hilary..just saying..she needs to meet her match

  103. Debra Jett says:

    I also started watching in 1973 and I am 61 now… never miss an episode, it is my favorite soap! I can’t wait for Sharon to go down!

  104. Kay says:

    I watched the 1st episode as a college freshman…still love it. Y&R is like family!

  105. cindy janisch says:

    I watched this show off and on all my life started watching with my grandma wish she wasstill here

  106. Jacqueline says:

    Chloe needs to stop seeking revenge I know the death of her child is still with her but she’s letting it eat and eat at her and that’s not good she has to forgive but never forget

  107. Kim Ritzert says:

    I hope Adam isn’t leaving the show.

  108. VIOLET says:


  109. wanda says:

    I have been watching the show since the beginning…there are some people I like better than others, but I always LOVE the show!!

  110. Amy says:

    I too watched the first episode of the young and restlessnes. I was 15 years old. Still watching

  111. Marion Hummell says:

    I have watched many soaps in the past but the only one I stuck with was The Young and the Restless. I also have been watching it since the very first show!

  112. Nancy says:

    I enjoy watching the Young and The Restless the day it came on CBS tv. I love the show very much. Things that are going on the show can happen in real life too. Makes you think how life really is. Watch a lot of soap operas and I like this one the best. I use to watch the show with my mother when I use to visit her at her home. I am so glad I got to spend time with my mother a lot. My niece even watches the soaps too. My mother pass away 1/15/2016 and I miss her so much and she will always have a special place in my heart forever. People should enjoy life with there love ones everyday or when ever they can before it’s to late to say what they really want to say. Don’t let life pass you by cause someday you might regret it.

  113. Beth Jones says:

    this is the best show on tv. I wouldn’t mind meeting any person from the cast. I’m legally blind, so for me that would be a thrill.

  114. Lois Strickland says:

    I love this show. Been watching it since I a little girl. Watched it every day with my grandmother.

  115. Kathy Mangas says:

    Watching the Young and The Restless makes me realize my life isn’t so bad after all! I don’t have near the drama these families have!!

  116. Jàn Wike says:

    Let Adam go !!!!! Even though he hasn’t been in Prison that long to be going crazy !! Victor needs to be put under that jail for all the many many people he has hurt over the years
    Since he wants more money to stay on the show this would be a great way to get rid of him ! And this stupid Luca thing
    any one else and he would have disappeared by now ???

  117. Beverly Dues says:

    I didn’t really start watching until I had my first born in 1979 when my sister came in to visit and she had to watch. Been hooked ever since! Love this show, never a dull moment. I now have my husband hooked on the show also, if we aren’t home to watch he is taping it to watch it later. I think he might be more hooked then I am…..LOL!

  118. Tammy Severn says:

    I HOPE Summer does not marry Luca.. she s been through so much already i was hoping she would get with someone who would treat her right. Kevin needs to open his eyes and see that his girl is right in front of him they make a very nice couple
    and she is dealing with crazy Sharons crap, and then it was Natalie with whom i cannot stand at all…His crazy ex back ….she needs to go to jail and let Adam out to be with his family…

  119. Tammy Severn says:

    I actually started watching guiding light first this was back when i was in school in the 70’s when i was out of school in 84 i started watching young and restless and never stopped.. i turned 50 in april and i never miss y& r or bold and the beautiful… it makes my day and when i miss i am not very happy about it

  120. Theresa says:

    I really enjoy ur weekly updates. Thanks

  121. John Browning says:

    Im a guy, but willing to admit, i have been watching Y&R for year’s. Love the drama, Kodo’s to the writer’s.

  122. Elaine Williams Alfrey says:

    I started watcing when Victor was married to Julia and had her boyfriend locked in the dungeon. Been a loyal fan every since. So is mama. Shes 89 years old

  123. Peg Finegan Utemark says:

    I have watched Y&R since the 70’s. Love it when Victor says “you got that” He really does make the show! Just love the Newman’s and Abbots! Feel like I personally know them all. Really love Jack, Billy, Nick, Phyllis, Nicki and Sharon. Mariah and Chelsea are also wonderful. Faith and Summer are such cuties. I just never want to give it up. Hope it keeps going in Genoa City!!

  124. M. O\'Brien says:

    We are fast forwarding most of the Y & R – boring sex scenes, flashbacks, nightmares ad nauseum – so many of our friends gave up watching months ago – it looks like we are the next to give up on it. So many of the characters seem like old acquaintances, but even that isn’t enough to put up with the events that drag on way too long & the ridiculous scene with Nick trying to convince Victoria to call Travis & of course Travis was willing to listen to & apparently believe schemer Luca but hangs up on Victoria – really!?!?!?! PLEASE try to get some decent storylines & don’t drag them out for such a long time.

  125. Lynn Snyder says:

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  129. Nance says:

    I wanna know where they get these kids t g at Dont talk!! Especially at 3 years old!!

  130. Mary says:

    Y&R fan

  131. Mary says:

    Y&R is getting exciting again! Is Adam going to get out of jail? Is Summer going to see the real Luca before it’s to late? Is Jack going to find out about Phylis & Billy? I can’t wait to see these stories.