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Y&R Spoilers: The Ransom Call Comes In!

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Nikki’s has gone from being a liability to a high-end prize. Brand new “The Young and the Restless spoilers” reveal Ian is going to use the Newman name to his full advantage.

The Ransom Demands
With a gun pointed to her head, Ian (Ray Wise) forces Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to call her ex-husband. Thankfully, the inmate has a phone in his hospital room and is able to take the call.
Nikki tells Victor (Eric Braeden) he has to transfer five million dollars into Ian’s Cayman Islands account. If Ian doesn’t have the money within two hours, Nikki will be shot and killed.
She’s Not Alone
Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) knows it’s her only chance to make her presence known and starts screaming to get her handcuffs off. She needs to make sure Victor hears her and knows her life is also at stake.

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Victor and Phyllis may not have the most civil history, but he’s saved her life before and certainly will do it again. Perhaps his heroic efforts will lay to rest all the bad blood between them.
Saving the Love of His Life
Victor has to work fast to figure out what to do next. As a prisoner, he doesn’t have many options, and he puts the lives of anyone he brings into the fold at risk.
Will Victor be able to find a way to save both women without anyone getting hurt? Victor’s handled bigger and badder people than Ian in the past, but Ian’s desperation is making him an especially evil threat. Victor better not underestimate the opponent or it could end in a deadly bloodbath that will change his entire family.


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