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Y&R Spoilers: Is Luca Working for Ian Ward?!?

The Young and the Restless SpoilersThe Young and the Restless Spoilers

Fans have long suspected that something’s up with Luca, and new “Young and the Restless spoilers” reveal Summer finally does, as well. But, what’s up with this man and his quest for Newman Enterprises power?

Sickeningly Sweet
Luca’s (Miles Gaston Villanueva) sweet demeanor with Summer (Hunter King) is now a little too over the top. He’s planting himself beside her all the time and knows her every move. Until recently, she was falling for his act.

Turned Down by Victor
The Newman siblings thought Luca was working with Victor (Eric Braeden) and trying to them all down. He seemed to be a very involved member of the team, even when he wasn’t part of the company. But, each time he approached the jailbird, Victor promptly turned him away. The Mustache wanted no part of whatever Luca was trying to sell.

Getting shot down isn’t easy for anyone, but someone with a silver spoon background may take it more personally than others. Did the rejection cause Luca to plot revenge with another enemy?

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Turning to Ian?
Instead of being Victor’s main minion, did Luca go to Ian (Ray Wise) instead? He knows the criminal mastermind’s life goal is taking down the entire Newman clan. Could he and Ian be the ones behind the oil spill debacle? Taking down NE’s most productive division could bring the company to its knees.

Something’s Not Right
Even Summer is starting to see something isn’t right with her man. He’s around when he shouldn’t and likes keeping her away when her family needs her the most. If he’s doing it on purpose, then he’s working for someone, and it isn’t her grandpa!

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