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Young and the Restless Character Recap: What Happened To Chance Chancellor

Throughout soap opera history, babies have been born who grow up to be key players in big storylines. That’s the case of Phillip Robert “Chance” Chancellor IV (Connor Floyd), who entered the world as an innocent infant and is returning to The Young and the Restless canvas as a grown man.

Who Is Chance Chancellor?

Nina Webster had already given birth to one son, whom she reluctantly gave up for adoption. She set out to seduce wealthy heir Phillip Chancellor III, hoping to land a rich husband. Her plan ultimately worked, but Phillip died from injuries in a car wreck, leaving Nina a wealthy single mother.

Bang, Bang
Opportunist David Kimball set his sights on Nina. He married her, then planned to kill her and her son so he could inherit her millions. Nina shot David in order to protect Phillip. She fell for the more stable Ryan McNeil next. They eventually wed and Phillip adored having Ryan as a stepdad. Alas, that relationship ended as did Nina’s with other suitors. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles with Phillip.

Chances Are

Nina returned to The Young and the Restless and had Phillip’s body exhumed to do some genetic testing to see if her son had Huntington’s disease (he did not), but was stunned to discover the coffin was empty. Phillip had faked his death because he was gay and he moved to Australia to live a new life.

His son, Phillip IV, now a soldier serving in Iraq and going by the name “Chance,” returned to Genoa City and shared an uneasy reunion. Chance didn’t show a lot of anger towards his biological dad but informed him that the late Ryan was the only father he knew.

Chance went to work with the Genoa City Police Department and found himself attracted to Esther’s daughter Chloe. Nina disapproved. While trying to stop Crimson Lights from being robbed, Chance was stabbed and needed to have surgery to repair his spleen. Realizing she cared for him, Chloe told Chance she signed divorce papers from Billy and was free to be with him. After his son recovered, Phillip returned to Australia.

The Answer Is…No

Chance proposed to Chloe, but she turned him down. That didn’t stop them from making love, with Chance losing his virginity in the process. Eventually, she did say yes but that didn’t stop Paul’s daughter, Heather, who worked in the district attorney’s office, from taking an interest in Chance.

Brothers In Charms
Ronan, an FBI agent, came to The Young and the Restless to work on a case. Only Chris knew that he was Chance’s half-brother, the son Nina gave up for adoption prior to having Chance. Heather and Chance made love, which ended his engagement to Chloe.

Chance was framed for drug possession. Chloe deduced Ronan was Chance’s half-brother and slept with him. In order to bring down some bad guys, Ronan “shot” Chance and he “died.” In reality, Chance was alive — and Nina blasted Chris and Ronan for showing up at Chance’s funeral.

Surprise The Young and the Restless Reunion

Chris arranged for Phillip and Nina to learn that Chance was really alive. He had faked his death so he could go into a witness protection program. Ronan left with his brother only to return later. Chance also came back later to donate part of his liver to save Ronan’s life.

Heather was furious at Chance for faking his death, but she still made love to him. Rather than return to witness protection, Chance re-enlisted in the Army. After Katherine’s death, a quarter of her estate was divided among Mackenzie, Phillip, Brock, Nina, and Chance.

Modern Times
More recently, Chance Chancellor and Phillip traveled through the Himalayas. Later, Adam Newman revealed that he’d bailed Chance out of jail after he’d been arrested for assault in Las Vegas. He’s been talked about quite a bit and has now returned to Genoa City once more in light of Katherine’s will being contested.

Ultimately, Chance fell in love with Abby Newman, and the pair married in a fabulous wedding, uniting the Chancellor, Abbott, and Newman families in holy matrimony. Shortly after their wedding, Chance took a dangerous assignment, leaving his new wife in Genoa City to handle their fertility problems, which ultimately resulted in a surrogacy. Mariah Copeland carried Chance and Abby’s baby with Abby as the baby’s biological mother and Devon the baby’s biological father.

After Dominic was born, Abby learned that an explosion presumably took Chance’s life. However, she never believed that, and she ultimately searched for him in Spain, finding Chance and convincing him to return to Genoa City to be with her and their son.

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