Why Phyllis Really Threw Herself at Jack on The Young and the Restless

For no clear reason that any Young and the Restless fan could discern, Jack Abbott up and decided he was madly in love with Phyllis Summers again. Phyllis friend-zoned him…until she decided she wanted Jack, too.

Young and the Restless Polling

But Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) didn’t actually throw herself into Jack’s (Peter Bergman) arms…and into his bed…until his baby mama, Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), popped up in Genoa City. Was Phyllis just overcome with passion, or was it a calculated move to distract her ex-husband?

Y&R: Meant To Be

Absolutely not, 35% insist. This had been building for months. Don’t you remember Jack and Phyllis sharing a virtual Thanksgiving dinner together? Or how about when she supported him in the search for Keemo and the reunion with Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang)? They were obviously going to hit the sheets eventually. It just so happened that Phyllis decided to make her move just as it looked like Diane was in town for good.

Young and the Restless: Captain Obvious

Oh, please, an almost equal 33% dismiss, Phyllis might as well have telegraphed her intentions in big, bold, capital letters. She has been even more unhinged than usual since Diane came back, constantly taking time out of her day to barge into her guest’s room and read Diane for filth. As that approach wasn’t working in keeping her away from Jack, what other options did Phyllis have but marking her territory?

Young & Restless: Accelerant

Finally, an only slightly smaller 32% are splitting the difference. You’re not saying Phyllis was 100% motivated by Diane’s presence…but it sure did speed matters up a bit. Phyllis was lamenting to Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) that Diane was here to throw a monkey wrench into her burgeoning relationship with Jack, so what better way to go from friends to more than by making it clear that she wanted Jack? And he had no choice but to comply?

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