Which Young and the Restless Woman Is Right For Nate Hastings?

It’s pretty obvious that Nate Hastings has no idea what’s good for him on The Young and the Restless. Has he made a smart decision yet this year? Last year?

Young and the Restless Polling

He doesn’t know what’s good for him professionally, and he most certainly doesn’t know what’s good for him personally. Luckily, over 3,000 viewers generously volunteered to help Nate (Sean Dominic) with that last one by picking the best woman for the good doctor.

Nate Hastings: The Smart Choice

Nate thinks he’s so smart. Which is why 12% think the only woman worthy of Nate is Amanda (Mishael Morgan). She is definitely smarter than him. More successful than him. Savvier than him. Nate could actually learn something in this relationship.

Not For Young and the Restless Profit

Nate wants to be a mover and a shaker? Then 15% point out that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is who he should join forces with. Victoria isn’t as smart as Amanda, but she’s richer. Which, for Nate, is more important. If he wants to be part of a power couple, Victoria is his best and only option.

Y&R Support Staff

Tucker (Trevor St. John) trusted Audra (Zuleyka Silver) to make headway for him in Genoa City, and if Nate were as smart as he wants to think he is, he should too. Audra is the partner he’s been craving. The one who will support all his crazy moves, and even contribute ways to make them better…without wanting to share the spotlight. Audra knows how to take a backseat to a man, 18% point out. Which is what Nate needs.

Stay the Course, Nate Hastings

Eh, Elena (Brytni Sarpy) is already there, 55% of you shrug. Why rock the boat? Nate doesn’t want a woman who challenges him. He wants one who doesn’t even understand what he’s doing.

It’s not that Elena is dumb. She’s not. She’s a doctor. She’s just smart enough not to get seduced by the world Nate has pushed his way into. Which is why she’ll believe him when he tells her everything is going great. Which is what Nate wants.

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