Take Two: Should Nate and Victoria Give It Another Shot on Y&R?

Now that Nate Hastings has come to Victoria Newman with the chance for both of them to commit insider trading on The Young and the Restless, should this business partnership become a more personal one?

The Young and the Restless Polling

Nate and Victoria gave it a shot once before, but it didn’t take. Is the second time around for these two the charm? Soap Hub asked, and here’s how you answered.

Nate Hastings and Victoria Newman’s History of Failure

This wasn’t a close poll, as 82% of you still remember the dud this romantic pairing was when Nate (Sean Dominic) first came to town. Granted, he was played by a different actor then, but we didn’t see much chemistry. Nate and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) have more reasons to spend time together this time around, and they can certainly cover up their illegal plotting by pretending to be having an affair — until the lie becomes the truth. But you just don’t see how this might work.

Birds of a Feather

Original Recipe Nate was a nice-guy doctor still mourning his late fiancee. This version is a ruthless businessman who has already slept with his cousin’s girlfriend. Which is why 12% see a future for this version of the pairing: Nate is now as ruthless as Victoria. She loved that about Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) — until he turned that ruthlessness on her, and then suddenly she was all, “Oh, now, color me shocked that the man I married turned out to be exactly who he said he was!” With Nate, she can take all that evil potential…and use it to her own advantage. Just like Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) would want.

Short Term

A last place 6% of voters are open to the idea…as long as the affair is short-term. You actually like Nate and Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) together. And you know Victoria will eventually just end up back with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson).

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