Same Old Young and the Restless Song: Will Ashland Let Victoria Down…Again?

Victoria Newman has declared her independence day a few weeks early on The Young and the Restless and announced that she’s stepping away from her family in order to join forces with Ashland Locke.

Young and the Restless Polling

You know, the husband who has lied to her more times than your average calculator has decimal places. Will Ashland make Victoria regret her decision by letting her down yet again?

Y&R: No Changes

Of course, he will, 46% of the audience don’t even need to pause and consider the possibilities. Letting people down is what Ashland does. He was such a terrific husband to his first wife, Tara Locke (Elizabeth Lenier), that she cheated on him with a boy toy like Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) — their relationship certainly wasn’t about profound conversation!

He let down his son, Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) when he pretended to be dying. And he let down Victoria (Amelia Heinle) when he admitted he’d only married her to stick it to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). You’d think he’d be out of betrayals. You’d be wrong.

Young and the Restless: Blaming the Victim

When he screws her over again, Victoria will only have herself to blame, say a pretty judgy 43%. Now that she knows everything Ashland (Robert Newman) is capable of, she should be entering this renewed relationship with her eyes wide open. Except that she obviously isn’t. She really thinks all of Ashland’s lies are behind him. She, too, would be wrong.

Y&R: New Man

Only 11% actually believe that Ashland has learned his lesson, and he will be a good boy from now on. He truly loves Victoria in a way he never loved Tara and, together, they’ll take on the world. Why would he rock the boat and risk that? Especially when an alliance with Victoria means Ashland has his hands on the great man’s Achilles Heel…and he can rub his nose in it, too!

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