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Y&R Fans Were SuperCharged with Happiness Over HIS Return!

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

It was an exciting day for The Young and the Restless fans when John Abbott appeared on screen again for a surprise visit on December 16th.

Jerry Douglas has played the fan favorite role of John for over 35 years. Although his character died on screen in 2006, his occasional appearances as a ghost dad have gone on for almost ten years.

Soap Shows wanted to know how fans felt about these appearances. Do they miss the Abbott patriarch or are do they think it’s time to let go? We asked, and you answered with not-so-shocking results.

Out of more than 5300 votes, a massive 79% were delighted to see John return to the show, even if his appearance was brief. You think that even just a few minutes with the senior Abbott are better than nothing. In fact, you’d be more than happy for Y&R to find a way to bring him back for good.

A very small 8% weren’t so happy to see him back. You think it’s time that the character was let go for good. John appearing as Jack or Ashley’s conscious or a ghost isn’t doing it for you. Jerry Douglas is one of the best soap actors who ever existed, but if they can’t bring him back (as a live person) for good, why do it at all?

The final 12% don’t care either way. Sure, it’s fun to see him back sometimes, but you could take or leave these scenes. Bringing John back to fix his children’s lives may seem like a good idea to the show, but for you, it’s bittersweet to see him come back and have to watch him leave all over again.

Y&R airs weekdays on CBS. Share your thoughts! Leave a comment in the section below or go to Soap Hub’s Facebook fan page and join the conversation about all your favorite soaps!

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