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As the World Turns Star Eileen Fulton Guests on The Locher Room

Before daytime divas Erica Kane, Rachel Frame, Nola Reardon, and Dorian Lord populated the airwaves in the heyday of soap operas, there was Eileen Fulton’s Lisa Hughes on As the World Turns. The actress joined the show in 1960 and remained on the program until its farewell in 2010.

ATWT Star Eileen Fulton Is Doing The Locher Room

Now, Fulton is set to entertain soap fans once more when she appears on The Locher Room this Friday, November 5, at 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST. Alan Locher, former head of Procter & Gamble publicity, created The Locher Room last year during the pandemic, enabling soap fans to connect with their favorite Daytime TV stars.

“Ever since I started hosting The Locher Room, daytime fans have been asking me to find Eileen,” Locher tells Soap Hub, previewing Friday’s anticipated chat. “All my numbers for Eileen no longer worked as she had moved back to her home state of North Carolina. Chip Capelli, who ran the ATWT fan club, had her number and reconnected us. The minute we connected, Eileen said, ‘Yes.'”

The Most Hated Woman In America

In later years, Lisa, created by legendary ATWT creator/scribe Irna Phillips, had mellowed a bit, never losing an ounce of her irresistible charm. During Lisa’s early years, she had trouble accepting her marriage to Bob (Don Hastings). Lisa used money Bob had given her to run their household and spent it on a spa day while also hiring a maid to clean the home. Lisa took full credit for making her and Bob’s abode so spotless!

In 1976, Time magazine did a cover story on soaps and in the inside article, Lisa was dubbed “The Most Hated Woman In America” as viewers loved to hate what Lisa would do!

Working With the Legendary Eileen Fulton

Locher was very familiar with Fulton and many other P&G soap opera stars as he and his family were devout watchers of the daytime serials. “For someone who grew up watching ATWT, I was in awe any time I could watch Eileen, Don [Hastings, Bob], Kathy [Hays, Kim] — any of the veterans work. Eileen always had fun no matter what she was doing and if I remember correctly she would wear her fuzzy slippers to set. How could you not love watching and working with her?”

Locher says he’s keeping the show’s specific rundown close to the vest, hoping to pull off a surprise or two for both Fulton and Locher Room attendees. “Tune in to see if we can pull it off for her,” Locher previews. “Eileen is ready for some fun. I don’t offer my questions in advance to talent, but I thought I would do so for Eileen since it’s been such a long time since ATWT, but she said, ‘No way…’ Eileen is very excited to answer fan questions during the show.”

How You Can Attend The Interview

Here’s a link attendees can bookmark in advance of Friday’s interview with one of daytime TV’s biggest stars. Fulton played the part of Lisa on and off (mostly on) during her tenure on ATWT. She left briefly in the mid-1960s to star in a nighttime spin-off Our Private World and brought Lisa back to Oakdale several months after the prime-time drama ended.

She left again in April 1983 and returned to the program in August 1984. When she made her grand re-entrance, Lisa found the body of her late husband Whit McColl (Robert Horton)! Lisa’s had many husbands over the decades. Her full name is Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi!


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