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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Xander Avant

The Bold and the Beautiful Xander AvantThe Bold and the Beautiful Xander Avant

Xander Avant – he only spent a few years in Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful, but in that time Xander certainly experienced his fair share of ups and downs.

Who Is Xander Avant?

Alexander “Xander” Avant is the only child of Claude and Massie Avant, the nephew of Julius and Vivienne, and the first cousin of Maya, Nicole, and Sasha. Though he was a born and bred Londoner, Xander enthusiastically accepted Maya’s invitation to move to Los Angeles and join Forrester Creations’ intern program.

Not only did he feel that the opportunity could jump-start his burgeoning interest in graphic design, but Xander also appreciated the ocean that would now exist between him and Zoe Buckingham – the girlfriend who had become a tad too “obsessive.”

Once firmly ensconced in America, Xander affected an appropriate accent and insisted that he was a recent transplant from the Midwest. Upon appearing at Forrester Creations, he was knocked unconscious by exuberant dancer, and fellow intern, Emma Barber.

The two had a good laugh over their injurious introduction and began to grow ever closer over the ensuing weeks. When Emma innocently took photographs of original, yet-to-be-produced designs, Xander stood up for her when many at the company sought her termination.

The Truth Emerges

The two eventually kissed and Xander revealed both his natural accent and the truth about his ex-girlfriend. When Zoe appeared in the flesh, Xander worried about her presence, and it was he who deduced that she was the one sending harassing messages to Hope Logan with the aid of Sally Spectra’s laptop.

Xander insisted to Zoe that her most prudent course of action would be to return home. Instead, she took advantage of an injured runway model and usurped her position on the stage.

In response to her actions, Zoe wound up being hired as a permanent model at the fashion house and arranged for Xander to be assigned as her modeling partner. Xander managed to resist her amorous advances… but only for a time.

A Past Revisited

When Emma insisted that she wasn’t ready to make love to him, Zoe made herself fully available to Xander. Though they initially shared only a few kisses, Xander and Zoe eventually rekindled their long-dormant passion – but only after Emma cottoned on to the pair’s clandestine meetings and ended things with Xander.

But the elation at being reunited with his first love was tempered by her adverse reaction to her father’s arrival. Zoe told Xander all about Reese Buckingham, the smooth-talking, gambling addict with a penchant for stringing along wealthy society ladies.

When Reese began to pay an inordinate amount of time with Taylor Hayes, Xander helped Zoe investigate her dad’s most recent con. But unbeknownst to Xander, Zoe was able to deduce that Reese had worked with Flo Fulton to perpetrate a fraud in which Steffy received Hope’s presumed dead baby.

A Truth Revealed To Xander

Xander would soon discover the truth – after walking in on Zoe and Flo arguing about their situation – and insist that everything must be put right. However, he was dissuaded from doing so by a threat-leveling Thomas.

A scared Xander agreed to keep quiet but was spurred into action when Emma died in a road accident soon after learning about the switch. Deducing that Thomas was involved, Xander uncovered video surveillance that showed Thomas peeling out of the Forrester Creations parking lot in pursuit of a fleeing Emma.

Next, he was able to use Thomas’s GPS to place him at the scene of Emma’s death. When Zoe refused to entertain the notion that Thomas may have caused the crash – and insisted that the secret must stay hidden – Xander ended their relationship and returned to London.

When the secret was finally outed – thanks entirely to Douglas – Xander came back to L.A. prepared to accept whatever punishment the Forrester family deemed appropriate. Luckily, he was able to escape prosecution but he did lose any chance of ever returning to Forrester Creations. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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