Betrayed by His Father – Should Liam Get Revenge on Bill?

Scott Clifton on The Bold and the BeautifulScott Clifton on The Bold and the Beautiful

On “The Bold and the Beautiful” Bill told Liam to forget his feelings for Steffy. Of course, we can’t say Bill is a great pillar of monogamy. And, now Liam knows his dad is full of it after spying him playing kissy-face with Brooke.

Heartbroken… in Many Ways
Everything in him said he should fight for Steffy, but Liam wanted to live up to the Spencer code and be honorable. Now that he knows his father is a hypocrite, all bets are off. Of course he wants to be with Steffy, but there’s also Bill, who has completely let him down.

What should Liam do next? Should he get back at Bill? That is exactly what Soap Hub asked readers, and you let your feelings be known.

Daddy Dearest
Out of nearly 3,000 votes, it’s pretty clear what fans want to see Liam do – 89% think Liam will make his father pay. You saw the look on his face! Liam admired his father and tried being worthy of his love and their family’s good name. Bill thought he could have it all, feelings be damned.

Disgusted by it all, Liam tried convincing Brooke and his father (separately) to come clean with Katie. The poor woman needed to know she wasn’t insane for suspecting her husband and sister of cheating. Hitting a brick wall with both, you want to see Liam get back at his father for all the pain he’s caused.

I’m Just a Bill…. Fan
A very small 6% think Liam should not try to make his father pay. You probably can’t resist Bill’s sex appeal any more than Brooke! You understand his longing for Brooke’s forbidden fruit. No need to make him pay. The fact that she’s turned him down is punishment enough.

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It looks like 5% really can’t bring yourselves to care either way. You’re probably Ridge fans and can’t understand what all the fuss is about with that Bill guy anyway.

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