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Here’s A Good Reason Why Jason Thompson Should Go Back To GH!

It’s been a lonely year at and on “General Hospital” since Dr. Patrick Drake packed up his scrubs, his medical bag, and his family and moved from Port Charles to California. At the same time, actor Jason Thompson moved his talent to “The Young and the Restless.”

While Y&R fans accepted him as the new Billy Abbott with open arms, GH fans have felt the void. Soap Hub asked where you prefer Thompson and your answer was pretty resounding.

Out of nearly 2,000 votes, 77% of you feel Thompson belongs at General Hospital, bringing Dr. Drake to life every day. The hospital halls are not the same without him and you miss that dynamic and chemistry between him and little Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Yes, the little girl has returned several times as Emma, but you feel she needs her dad along for the ride.

Another 16% of you have followed Thompson to Y&R and are happy to see him there. You feel he brings a new dimension to Billy and love seeing him sink his teeth into a character who’s the total opposite of Patrick. You also love his chemistry with Gina Tognoni’s Phyllis.

The final 6% don’t care where you see Thompson just as long as you see him somewhere. You’re used to actors hopping soaps and will remain a Thompson fan wherever he goes.

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