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Sister, Sister: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

General Hospital SistersGeneral Hospital Sisters

If we can take Heather Webber’s word for it, the General Hospital serial killer story just got a whole lot more interesting.

There had to be a reason GH worked so hard to turn Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) into mortal enemies. The seeds were planted well over a year ago when Hayden showed up as Jason’s fake wife. She took Liz’s man for a bit, and then threatened to reveal his identity. Little does Hayden know that Liz is well aware Nikolas tried to have her killed that fateful day, which will complicate things even more once these two women learn they are sisters.

For now, the only two people who know three truth are crazy Heather (Robin Mattson) and her beloved boy, Franco (Roger Howarth). And oh, yes, Hayden’s mother, of course. We still think it would have been much more interesting if we learned Liz was never a Hardy-Webber, but this new revelation now links Hayden back to a legacy Port Charles family.

So many things can happen now that Hayden knows Liz has her diamonds, Franco knows the women are sisters, and Liz lays unconscious at the bottom of a hospital staircase. Hayden certainly had motive to push Liz, even announcing she was going to chase after Nurse Webber. Tomorrow, Paul (Richard Burgi) finds Hayden where she shouldn’t be, but we all know this apparently volatile and ruthless man had as much motive as Hayden to shut Liz up. She saw him in Monica’s office, but he’s not sure she saw the syringe. But, why should that matter to Paul? If there’s a loose end to tie up, he’s a man who will tie it.

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While it’s soap cliche for surprise character relations to come out when someone is injured, we hope that’s not the route GH takes. Hayden and Liz’s sisterly bond needs to stay with Franco for now. Letting both women in on the truth just as viewers learn the secret takes away from the suspense.

[relbar link=”” text=”Emme Rylan Injury Update!”]We also hope Hayden is not the person who pushed Liz. While it would certainly be ironic that each sister had a hand in the other’s attempted murder, we’re just getting to know the character better and want her to be one of the good guys. She’s way too interesting with Finn (Michael Easton) to go to waste as an attempted murderess.
All we know is we like what we see so far. Both Rebecca Budig and Rebecca Herbst have palpable chemistry as two women who despise each other. Liz needs a story that doesn’t involve Jason (Billy Miller) at all, while Hayden needs more ties to town. Making them sisters and connecting the “reveal” to the serial killer story just adds to the suspense. Well done, General Hospital, well done.

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