Team Morgan or Team Dillon? Who Should Win the Epic Battle?

General Hospital, Team Morgan or Team DillonGeneral Hospital, Team Morgan or Team Dillon

There’s a tug-of-war happening for the heart of Kiki Jerome on “General Hospital”. In one corner is Morgan Corinthos, who seems to always bring Kiki trouble. In the other corner, we have kind-hearted Dillon. One represents the passionate past while the other could be a fantastic future.

Starting Over Fresh
Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) made an excellent case for himself with Kiki (Hayley Erin) in the park. He was her chance at a healthy, safe romance while still having excitement.

She may love Morgan, but you can’t say he’s a “safe” choice. Morgan (Bryan Craig) already scared her death during his bipolar episodes – and one even led to her near-death. Sometimes excitement can be overrated.

With Dillon, we’ve witnessed a glimpse of a happier, more stable future for Kiki. So, Soap Hub asked who you prefer for Kiki–Dapper Dillon or Captain Morgan?

Run, Kiki, Run
There’s something to be said for stability and less drama for a poor gal trying to make it in this harsh and cruel world. Tipping the scales in Dillon’s favor, 64% of the 4,000 votes are Team Killon all the way! He’s adorable, treats her well, and wants to make her happy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

[relbar link=”https://soapshows.com/general-hospital/news-general/ghs-will-devry-on-whats-ahead-for-julian-and-julexis/” text=”GH’s William deVry on What’s Ahead for Julian and Julexis!”]Like a Moth to the Flame
A smaller 32% of you are over Dillon. You don’t necessarily want the sweet girl with Morgan (but we’re pretty sure you do), but you feel Kiki deserves someone who makes her heart race and ignites her passion.

You can’t see Dillon filling that role, at least not like Morgan. Doesn’t Morgan deserve someone to love? He worked so hard to find his way back to Kiki. It can’t be for nothing.

Can’t be Bothered
Well, only 4% of you don’t care who Kiki chooses. This trio bores you to tears, so we ask–do you want to see Kiki with someone else altogether? Let us know whom you feel is right in the comments.

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