General Hospital

GH Weekly Spoilers Update: June 27 – July 1

Get ready for another dramatic week on “General Hospital” as our fan faves get themselves into more trouble than they want! Also, watch to see if you’ve won the giveaway prize!

Fans, it was a crazy weekin Port Charles, Alexis took the fall for Carlos’s murder and Julian let her. At the Q mansion, Finn came to the rescue when Sabrina’s poor baby fell sick. In Europe, Jason and Sam realized Nikolas was with Ava, while that unlikely pair ended up as Huxley’s hostages. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for next week. Here are the spoilers!

Sam finds out about Alexis’ problems and she’s not happy! Kristina and Aaron take their relationship to the next level while julian thinks of doing the unimaginable to someone he supposedly loves. Anna finally learns why Dr. Griffin left the priesthood and it’s a shocker! Sonny shocks Julian a with Crazy tidbit of information! Last, liz discovers a horrific scene that stuns her like never before.

This week, our winner is Renee Walker! Congrats on winning the prize. Please contact us so we can get that prize out to you. Everyone else, thanks for playing and Here’s what you can need to do for a chance to win a prize on the next show – share this video, and make a comment! tune in next week to see if you’ve won!

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Comments (70)
  1. Brenda Norton says:

    I hope Julian goes to prison.

    1. karins says:

      well he’s sick….so we’re about to find out i’m sure, that’s always the case if micheal is teddie’s father….remember that’s what they call him instead of eddie….


      1. Ang says:

        what are you talking about? Eddie & Eduardo is the only names I’ve ever heard him called & why just because Micheal is the father would they call him teddie, Eddie is for Edward, his grandfather, your statement is confusing?

        1. Audrey Morgan-Benson says:

          Sabrina said she calls Eduardo Teddie because he was so small for such a large name. Traci called him Edward. The mom gets to pick the nickname.

        2. Emma Jo says:

          Edwards are called Ted or Teddy.

          1. Annonymous says:

            The Spanish nickname for Eduardo is Lalo the English nickname for Edward is Teddy kinda cute.

          2. Annonymous says:

            The Spanish nickname for Eduardo is Lalo the English nickname for Edward is Teddy kinda cute.

          3. Nira says:

            Or Ned. His name is Edward too.

        3. Elloe says:

          Because Teddy is often used as a nickname for someone named Edward.

          1. Ang says:

            No Theodore is!

          2. Elloe says:

            I know several people who are named Edward and they get called Ed, Eddie, Teddy, Ted, Ned and even Ward.

  2. Donna lordan says:

    It would be so nice if little eddie turned out to be michael’s son after all.

    1. Nancy says:

      You know that would be nice I also hope that is true.

    2. Ang says:

      That’s what I’m hoping, I was hoping that he’d find out when he had that DNA test done before Sabrina came back but it didn’t!

    3. cheryl says:

      the baby is going to get sick. he might need blood, so michael would be the only one who could give blood, bingo, michael’s the father. let some body be happy!

      1. Peggy Winifred says:

        I’ve been thinking the same thing as Cheryl…. Michael is really Eddy’s/Teddy’s father

      2. Sherri says:

        I believe he is

    4. Sherri says:

      Yes it will he loves Sabrina

  3. Debbie Francis says:

    I see a new couple…Nava !

    1. karins says:

      I see a new couple…Nava !

      please pretty please with sugar on top…

      they are so funny together and he’s a total bore with whoever’s playing him with hayden…who needs to be part of another couple..


      1. Ang says:

        No GH needs to hire Melissa Archer to play BrookLynn, then her & Finn could get together!

      2. griffin says:

        I agree Nik seems to be boring with Hayden. The thing with Ava is that she has chemistry with everyone she acts with and she and Nik are really fun to watch. I could seem them as a couple or at the very least friends.

        1. Lina says:

          I don’t like the new Nicholas

          1. Sandy says:

            I don’t either. What happenef to the other one

          2. Liz says:

            The old Nicholas is in contract negotiation….wants more money I guess. Too many of them get too greedy.

  4. Maria says:

    I cant wait for Nicholas to be found, Jason needs a break he always seems to accused for every bad happening in Port Charles.

    1. Roy says:

      after the mess he is in he should be happy to be found

    2. Laura Thompson says:

      I agree Maria

  5. karins says:

    Kristina and Aaron take their relationship to the next level

    sorry people…but so don’t care


    1. Ang says:

      I like him & I like them together but I still think that the other girl who played Kristina last should have been kept in the role, she so looked like Sonny’s daughter!

  6. Moma Escriva says:

    Liz needs a better story line then maybe fans will like her again or better. She’s been a staple at GH and in my opinion the writers have misused her especially since she’s acting against character which happens a lot. People forget that. IMHO give her a new person to become involved with.

    1. Ang says:

      not Franco though!

      1. Mary kincaid says:

        Yes no to Franco…let him be with Nina. Liz should be with maybe Dr. Finn? And yes I figured it out that he was the person who Nathan shot.

        1. judy says:

          No Dr Monroe is the one Nathan shot

    2. Laura Thompson says:

      I agree Moma Escriva! Love Rebecca Herbst, ever since she showed up as a teenager w/an attitude. Liz has been thru a lot and she really needs a better story line! Something to show more of how she used to be, before writers made her a self-righteous pain in the butt!

  7. Mary kincaid says:

    Julian should go to prison. The guilt I’d eating him up. Good ! Alexis would not forgive him. It would be nice if Michael is the father.. Another Quartermaine! Is the baby’s name Edfie or Teddy?

    1. Ang says:

      Eddie after Tracy’s father Edward!

      1. Julie Hollenbach says:

        It’s Teddie not Eddie

    2. Elloe says:

      Teddy – nickname for Edward.

  8. sue says:

    hope this week shows some endings of some of the story lines & fresh ones emerge/

  9. Teresa Tipton says:

    love general hospital

  10. Lynn says:

    Has anyone figured out that the priest is who Nathan shot in his drunken rage !!!

    1. svc says:

      Figured that out the day they showed him in the locker room with Maxie and saw the scar.

    2. Lina says:

      Yes it is the priest that Nathan shot

    3. Sandy says:

      Figured that out a long time ago when it showed the scar on his side.

    4. Heather says:

      Long time ago. LOL

  11. Lynn says:

    Has anyone figured out that the priest is who Nathan shot in his drunken rage !!!

  12. sue stalte says:

    great show. They need to stop showing the cubs in general Hospitals time slot.

  13. sue stalter says:

    great show.

  14. Charlotte Davault says:

    Can’t wait for HaSan to find Nik

  15. Lynn says:

    I really liked Alexis and Julian as a couple. Wish they hadn’t trashed the relationship with mob crap.

  16. Irene Aiello says:

    Oh my goodness,There are some great story lines..Cant wait to see what happenes..Way to go GH

  17. Debbie says:

    GH is getting so hot… can’t wait to see the outcome of the plots!!!

  18. Tiffany K Russell says:

    I can’t wait until they catch Nicolas he is getting on my nerves bad

  19. Tiffany K Russell says:

    Sam and Jason has been through enough already! Let them be happy

  20. Sue Moreau says:

    want to find out that Michael is Sabrina’s baby daddy. want Julien to get what’s coming! want Nicholas back…not happy with the new guy. anxious to here Dr Griffin’s story. I think I have it figured out anyway!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I’m guessing right now that lil Teddy is Michaels son!

  22. Bobbie says:

    Wondering what Dr Finnis dying from and who is killing patients at GH!!

    1. Euny says:

      The only one capable is Dr O. They need to get rid of her. Make Dr. Finn a permanent Dr there. Give him and Liz a story line. BrING Jason back and give him & Sam better lines. They are boring. Bring the good Nicholas back and pair him back with Brit. Get rid of Hayden along with her Mother. Kiki & Morgan, nah. No chemistry. Niña & Franco, good chemistry. Julian & Alexis, lots of chemistry, but he messed up.

    2. Laura Thompson says:

      Idk, some kind of rare disease that doesn’t have a cure yet. Never heard him say the name of it tho, when he explained it to Hayden. I don’t think it’s gonna be Dr. O this time, too obvious. But not sure who it’s gonna be….. Dr Mays (or Hayes), the mean older one maybe?? Or that nurse, (the blonde heavy set one), what’s her name, Amy? ?

  23. margie says:

    enough with the baby bring Michaels She was already pregnant before she hooked up wirh him LETS NOT DO THID WITH EVERY BABY AHE HAS TIME ENOUGH TO HAVE HIS OWN WITH SOMEONE HIS OWN AGE

  24. Carla E. Dwoznik says:

    I love GH!!! I’ve been watching it since it began.

  25. Sherri says:


  26. Cathy says:

    I am so sick of these writers. Please we have Nick faking his death saying Spenser is suppose to join him later. Ya no one is going to notice he is gone or go looking for him. We have Jasam not on enough. We have Liz a rape survived dating a man who sexually assaulted Sam and kidnapped her own son. We have Dante not questioning the couple em pulling out of buying the house seconds after they told Sonny. We have a room full of doctors and one Finn all he had to do was tell Monica what was going on or did she cease to be a doctor? We have so many newbies no one cares about. Kristina wanting a woman old enough to be her Mom. We have the keystone cops of port Charles not even looking into Nick faking his death when he has IRS after him and is broke.

  27. Sherry says:

    Oh, this is picky, but when Ava and Nikolas were bantering in Latin, having such fun…they carried on into a little fantasy about Nik reading The Odyssey (or The Iliad) in the original language. You’d think they meant Latin, right? They were speaking Latin (in phrases) and feeling quite smart. The Odyssey and The Iliad were written in Greek.

    Also, one of the most famous Edwards to be called Ted was Edward Kennedy. It’s good for either in North America and in England. Don’t know about other places.

  28. Audrey Morgan-Benson says:

    Alexis pregnant? Old as her womb is her baby will be a giant ball of cobwebs and sawdust.

  29. Laura Thompson says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I just don’t like Tyler Christopher’s temporary replacement. I’ve tried to give him a fair shot, (mainly bc I knew he was only temporary), but I just don’t care for him, at least playing Nik Casaadine. And, WTH(eck) is the deal between Nik and Ava??!? I’m not liking this story line, ready for it to be over and for Tyler to come back.

  30. Amy Malenfant says:

    I can’t believe Julian is going to let Alexis take the fall for Carlos’s murder. Sonny just needs to do away with Julian once and for all.

  31. Pat says:

    Liked and shared video, I would love to win anything from GH.

  32. Debi says:

    I can’t believe Alexis took the fall