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Our General Hospital Take: Wake Up, Alexis!

General Hospital, AlexisGeneral Hospital, Alexis

Now we all know how smart Alexis Davis normally is on “General Hospital,” right? She graduated Yale, after all. She’s got a razor-sharp wit and steel-trap mind. That’s what made her swan dive into stupidom today so hard to swallow.

Did she really just sit there and tell Sonny (Maurice Benard) that Julian (William deVry) would never kill her? Seriously?! We love our girl, but how long has she been swimming along the edge of mobster-land? Heck, she was born in that den of vipers known as the Cassadines. They eat their young! People kill in her world–even those they love.

It took someone more brutal–or more matter-of-fact–to simplify things and knock some common sense into our dear legal eagle. Viewers’ mouths were surely on the floor when Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) asked, “What do you think he’d do–drown me?” Who wasn’t screaming at the TV, along with Sonny, “YES!” Your husband needs to kill you. In her right mind, Alexis would know that–should know that. Love is blind, though.

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But, the biggest shock was still to come. As of this writing, it’s unclear if Sonny is a master strategist or just extremely observant when he laid the bomb on Julian: “Alexis is pregnant.” Totally brilliant! Whether it’s the truth or a lie, it was the perfect thing to say to her homicidal husband. (We know Alexis utters these words tomorrow but is that also part of Sonny’s plan?)

Actors Nancy Lee Grahn and Maurice Benard really brought it today, as watching those two Emmy winners verbally tango again was breathtaking. Regardless of the outcome, it was great to see Sonny fighting to help Alexis–especially after he told her she was dead to him only last month. We knew it couldn’t be true, and Sonny would never abandon his daughter’s mother. Alexis seemed to understand that then–and it looks like she was right.

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