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General Hospital’s Ultimate Queen of Mean — Ava Jerome!

Ava Jerome on General HospitalAva Jerome on General Hospital

Move over, Helena — there’s a new Queen of Mean on General Hospital, and her name is Ava Jerome.

Sure, she’s done some pretty horrible things in her life, but her latest trick — switching out Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) bipolar meds — has to be one of the worst. That’s saying something considering some of the things she’s pulled over the years–including murder.

Laundry List of Crimes
Here are just a few of Ava’s greatest hits (so to speak). She shot and killed Connie Falconeri and framed A.J. Quartermaine for the crime. She ordered Carlos Rivera to kill A.J., helped Sonny cover up his having shot A.J., and then attempted to murder A.J. herself. She also operated an online gambling ring that got former lover Morgan into debt — and she knew full well that was happening. And, these are just the major things.

Today’s Crime
Ava (Maura West) is angry that Morgan has latched himself to her daughter Kiki (Hayley Erin)once again. She still blames him for her being shot this past February, so she would prefer Kiki stay as far away from Morgan as possible.

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That’s obviously not happening — and now Morgan has proclaimed that one day Kiki will be his wife. Something in Ava snapped when Morgan made that announcement, sending her into a revenge fury. At first, she thought encouraging an already-smitten Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) to pursue Kiki would be the best course, but he turned her down.

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Down and Dirty
A new way to separate the twosome presented itself when Ava heard and saw Morgan talking about how the drugs are helping him. She decided switching his drugs, which could possibly help Morgan return to his self-destructive ways, was the best choice.

If she could just make Kiki see how dangerous Morgan still is, then maybe she would leave him. What she hasn’t thought about is what if her big plan backfires and something happens to Kiki because of Morgan — and her devious plot. The blame will be squarely on her own shoulders.

Master Class
As horrible as Ava is, her portrayer, Maura West, makes her so delicious to watch. The Emmy-winning actress has done a fantastic job bringing this baddie to life. She’s the reason we can’t wait to see what wicked thing Ava will do next!

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