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The General Hospital Nik Switch Throws a Wrench Into #NAVA

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We realize that “General Hospital” writers were put in an awkward situation when Tyler Christopher took a sudden leave of absence from the soap. He was right in the middle of a hot storyline where Nikolas faked his death. And, apparently, Nikolas was about to get a new companion–or possible love interest.

When Ava and Nikolas found themselves on a plane with each other last week, the chemistry was certainly there. The hashtag #NAVA began making the social media rounds. However, by Friday a brand-new Nikolas knocked the wind out of that sail.

We didn’t know Nick Stabile’s exact first airdate, but we also didn’t expect it to be so soon. Suddenly, Stabile became the new face of Nikolas Cassadine and fans didn’t know what to think.

Soap Hub asked if you think Nikolas and Ava make a good couple, despite the sudden casting switch and the jury is way out on this one.

Out of nearly 4,500 votes, 59% of you do not dig this pair. Some think Ava is robbing the cradle once again. However, many also forget Nikolas arrived on the show as a teen more than 20 years ago, so he’s not nearly has young as Captain Morgan (Bryan Craig). Others just don’t see actress Maura West’s chemistry with a brand-new face in an old role.

Another 33% are withholding judgement until Christopher returns. (As of now his absence is said to be temporary.) You liked what you saw in a few short days. But, with a new actor as The Dark Prince, it’s hard to say if this couple will work.

The final 8% don’t even care. Again, the sudden new face gets in the way. You have an emotional investment in Christopher’s Nikolas and feel his entire faked death story is now a waste with Stabile in his place. As for Ava, you’re sick of her involvement with nearly every story and have no idea why she became part of this Cassadine mystery.

GH airs weekdays on ABC. Share your thoughts, leave a comment in the section below. Additionally, for more General Hospital spoilers updates, recaps, and news, go to Soap Hub’s Facebook fanpage and join the conversation about all your favorite soaps!

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