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General Hospital Murder Mystery: Could ANDRE Be the Killer?

General Hospital star Anthony MontgomeryGeneral Hospital star Anthony Montgomery

We have to hand it to General Hospital. What started out as a small story with random older patients mysteriously dying slowly morphed into an intriguing murder mystery that has us all scratching our heads.

The Usual Suspects
At first, crotchety Dr. Mayes seemed like the most likely suspect. However, when he turned up dead, we had to scratch his name off the list. Since then, Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) was a too-obvious suspect, as was Franco (although he is already an experienced serial killer).

Many fans began pointing fingers at annoying Nurse Amy, and that might work out well, seeing that she’s not a core character and someone who can go to jail who we wouldn’t miss. However, GH claimed she was brought on to remind us of the original Nurse Amy Vining, and the first Nurse Amy could never be a cold-blooded killer.

Now, some clues point towards Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) as the killer, and we don’t like it. Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), is sure she saw that cufflink Valerie (Brytni Sarpy) found before, and it can very well belong to her boyfriend, Andre. He certainly knew a lot about the design…
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Couple that with a recent interview by Soaps in Depth in which actor Anthony Montgomery gave a cryptic clue.

When asked what he knows about the hospital murder mystery, all Montgomery could say with a wink was, “I know nothing.” That wink leads us to believe Montgomery may indeed know something–the question is what?


Say It Isn’t So
While Andre and his mild-mannered ways would make him the least obvious suspect, that could easily make him the most obvious suspect. Our take on this? GH, DON’T DO IT!!!

We actually really like Andre and hope to see his character developed more. While he makes us snore with Jordan, his chemistry with Finola Hughes’s Anna is off the charts. When Hughes returns from her annual summer break, we look forward to seeing their relationship develop more. We do NOT look forward to seeing him behind bars. We know he has a secret, but don’t let a tendency to kill be it.

Hopefully, Andre is yet another red herring and GH finds a way to solve his mystery without throwing the character and actor under the bus.

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