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Our GH Take: Kristina Lets Loose on Alexis Over Parker’s Exit

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It’s been a rough time for Kristina since Parker dumped her in a Dear Jane letter on General Hospital. Through it all, she’s had the support of her mother Alexis and it’s meant the world to her.

Foot-in-Mouth Disease
That is until Thursday’s show (continued on Friday) when Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) shared her thoughts on their breakup – thoughts that sounded suspiciously like the letter Parker (Ashley Jones) had left for Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth). Proving the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, Kristina was able to put two and two together rather quickly and accused her mother of orchestrating the breakup.

The Fur Flies
Obviously hurt by the realization, Kristina let loose a verbal barrage at her mother, accusing her of being controlling. Alexis simply said said she asked Parker to be honest with Kristina, not to write it in a letter. Sick of the way Kristina was speaking to her, Alexis pulled out the mother card, saying she deserves her respect. Kristina countered, pointing out her mother needed to respect her and allow her to live her own life. Kristina set her straight or so she thought.

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The Truth Hurts
Alexis said she asked the professor if she could envision a future with Kristina and she said she couldn’t. That was why she wanted her away from her. Kristina was still hurting and accused her mom of wrecking her life because her own is in such a shambles. Kristina insisted what Alexis was doing wasn’t protecting her but controlling. She then spat at Alexis that even with all of Parker’s faults, she still wasn’t as bad as Julian.

[relbar link=”” text=”Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton Reunion on General Hospital!”]Not Buying It
Feeling run down by their exchange, a dejected Alexis tried once again to tell her daughter that she loved her. That argument didn’t sit well with Kristina. She didn’t feel that love gives her the right to do the things she’s done. Alexis tried to explain that a little hurt now was a lot better than a ton of hurt later. And then Kristina got mean.

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Below the Belt
She accused her mother of choosing Julian over her children, over her job. So, now she has to go before a board of people and be judged for it. With a parting blow, she added, “You’ll finally know what it’s like to be me.” Kristina made some scorching points, and we can’t really disagree. Kristina’s old enough to make her own decisions – and mistakes.

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