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Our GH Take: Sonny Comes Through for Kristina

Kristina and Sonny on General HospitalKristina and Sonny on "General Hospital"

Getting caught kissing your female professor by your mob kingpin father did not get Kristina’s (Lexi Ainsworth) day off on the right foot on “General Hospital.”

In fact, it was downright frightening. But, it created some beautiful dramatic moments that stood in stark contrast to the folly happening on Cassadine Island.

Coming Out
Monday’s episode left off with that burning question posed by Kristina. Could her father accept her as a gay woman? Sonny (Maurice Benard) simply stared at her with his big dark eyes – and remained silent, leaving us hanging overnight for his response. So… what was the answer?

Not So Fast
Sonny couldn’t answer her right away because, as he stated, it was a lot to take in and he was still processing it. Oh Sonny! That was not the answer she needed or wanted to hear. But it was real. If she was confused, it stands to reason he might be too. However, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) still wanted an answer.

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An Inside Look
Sonny didn’t think that was how it worked. Trying to help her understand his thinking, he opened up about knowing gay men while he was growing up. He used to go to clubs with Connie and Lois. Kristina had no idea. In a poignant moment that spoke to any parent/child relationship, Sonny gently let his daughter know that there’s a lot she doesn’t know about him and he guesses a lot he doesn’t know about her. An understanding look crossed Kristina’s young face.

One More Hurdle
Before he could give her the answer she wants, Sonny was stuck on a question of his own. Would she have ever told the truth to him? She lets it slip that Alexis knew but wanted her to tell him. Hurt, he asked what Kristina was afraid of. That he wouldn’t love her anymore? That he’d turn his back on her? (Probably a fear felt by every person who has ever come out, so the answer is pretty clear.) “Yes,” she admitted tearfully.

[relbar link=”
” text=”GH Star Maurice Bernard Shares Beautiful Message to Wife!”]After Kristina opened up about her deep connection with Parker (Ashley Jones), Sonny admitted that while he didn’t have a problem with her being gay, he did feel Parker wasn’t right for her. But he could never give up on Kristina. Ever. She wondered why he couldn’t answer her question then. He asked her to ask it again, which she did.
“You are my daughter, no question. No matter what.” They hugged after that as Kristina cried tears of relief. Well done, Sonny–and GH!

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