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Is General Hospital’s Hamilton Finn on Borrowed Time?


Michael Easton doesn’t have very much luck with his Port Charles characters, which is likely why he’s on incarnation number five at this moment. Sadly, it looks like  Number 5’s “General Hospital” time may run out soon.

Dying Again?
Poor Dr. Hamilton Finn seems like a nice enough guy and GH fans certainly love Easton. That’s why the show brings him back any way it can. Producers realized they made a mistake killing Silas Clay last year, so about six months later Easton was back on our screens–as a dying character.

Soap Hub asked if you think GH will do it again. Will the show kill an Easton character, with Number 6 on the way, or might Hamilton Finn actually survive?

What do you think? Post a comment!

Out of nearly 4,000 votes, 80% of you enjoy watching Dr. Finn’s drama, but you’re pretty sure he’ll pull through. You want to become attached to one Easton character and stick with it, so with Sonny on his side, you think you’ll finally get the chance.

Michael Easton Number 6?
A very small 7% don’t hold out much hope for Dr. Finn. It’s not looking good as his health declines daily. With Sonny pulling the strings to get his life-saving drug, things can take a dangerous turn fast. Maybe you’ll get Michael Easton Number 6 after all.

[relbar link=”https://soapshows.com/general-hospital/general-hospitals-most-beloved-characters-remembering-alan-quartermaine/
” text=”Lost Beloved Characters: General Hospitals’ Alan Quartermaine.”]The final 6% don’t even care. You’re afraid GH will kill another Easton character and fear getting emotionally invested in this one. You’d rather focus on characters you think are here for the long haul.

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