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Should All the Blame Be Focused on GH’s Alexis? Fans Weigh In

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Poor Alexis was crushed last week on General Hospital when she learned her law license was suspended indefinitely, with a review scheduled in a year.

Now, she has to figure out what she’s going to do with her life for the next year. Soap Hub asked if you think all the blame for the suspension belongs to Alexis or if she can shift some of it in another direction. Your answer was pretty clear.

Team Alexis All the Way
Out of more than 5,500 votes, 85% of you think Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) shouldn’t shoulder all of the blame. After all, it was her murderer husband, Julian (William deVry), who either directly or indirectly pulled her strings. He convinced her to cross the line by keeping quiet that she knew he ordered the hit on Duke Lavery. She also knew he killed Carlos and kept quiet for way too long. However, that was mostly out of fear.

You probably think that the extenuating circumstances were enough to have the New York bar be a bit more lenient on Alexis. She was a woman in love, and we all do strange things in its name. She also risked her life to wear a wire to get his confession and almost died because of it – that should have counted for something!

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Do the Crime, Do the Time
A much smaller 13% believe that in the end, Alexis should be held accountable. After all, she did break the law, and as a lawyer, she should have known what the consequences would be if she got caught.

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Anna (Finola Hughes) tried to get her to tell her the truth – she made a choice. But the law is the law, and therefore she’s lucky that she has a chance of getting her license back at all. Hopefully, she’s learned a valuable lesson.

Jury is Still Out
About 2% of you couldn’t decide which way to vote. You’re probably torn by the fact that you love Alexis and understand why she may have made a poor decision, but why should she pay such a steep price?

She has so much to offer others, it’s a shame she isn’t able to help them for the next year, at least. Regardless, you’re loving General Hospital and can’t wait to see what happens to Alexis next.

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