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General Hospital’s Jason FINALLY Remembers EVERYTHING!!!

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Hallelujah and praise the writers!!! Soap opera’s most epic amnesiac finally remembers it all next week, putting an end to a two-year story that’s had “General Hospital” clamoring for closure. Get ready for an epic episode Monday dedicated to Jason and those longed-for memories.

That massive crash that’s supposed to dominate tomorrow’s cliffhanger will be the catalyst for Jason (Billy Miller) finally remembering his past. He’s had flashes of memory for well over a year, some with feeling, but most without. Now, those memories don’t just light the corners of his mind, but also light his entire mind–just when he needs them most.

According to the May 16 issues of ABC Soaps in Depth and Soap Opera Digest, Jason’s motorcycle ride–just after a run-in with Sonny (Maurice Benard)–has him staring his life in the face.

“During the emergency, his memories come back to him because he needs them to,” GH Head Writer Shelly Altman told Soaps In Depth.

The head writers told In Depth that they handed the script for this episode to longtime GH writer, Elizabeth Korte, saying, “She knows and loves the history of the Jason Morgan Quartermaine character.”

According to Soap Opera Digest, you’ll also see Kimberly McCullough’s Robin on Monday’s episode, as she’s such a critical character from Jason’s past.

However, the writers stand by their earlier assertion that Jason could have gone on without his memories for years to come.

“He could have gone on living a really fine life without recovering his memories,” Altman said. “He got back with the woman he loves, he has his family, he’s even reconnected with the Quartermaines.”

It doesn’t seem every memory will return in a flash, but instead will flood in over a slightly longer period. The writers also admit that Jason will have to emotionally deal with them. Remember, he’s resisted his former life and doesn’t want to remember being a killer or be a killer again. He’ll have to come to terms with what he did for nearly 20 years, and likely decide how he wants to live the rest of his life.

While we know Jason Morgan remembers everything, there’s no confirmation on whether he remembers beyond being Jason Morgan. However, with the writers using the name “Jason Morgan Quartermaine,” one has to wonder if all those other memories will eventually flow back, as well. Yes, we know those memories were said to be lost due to irreversible brain damage, but this IS a soap opera and ANYTHING can happen.

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