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Here on Cassadine Island…Is There a Doctor in the House? Who Wasn’t Shot?

Today on Cassadine Island, Laura Spencer used some “General Hospital” unheard of skills and managed to perform emergency surgery on Kevin. All we could wonder was–why is Kevin even there?

Writer’s Meeting: Hey, Let’s Shoot Kevin!
Kevin has barely had a storyline for years and it feels like the writers just said, “Hey, let’s bring Jon Lindstrom in, throw him on Cassadine Island, and shoot him.” What a plan!

Sure, Kevin became Laura’s good buddy over the last few months, acting as her confidant and code breaker. She even found him in a chat room. How genius! We love the chemistry between Lindstrom and Genie Francis, but Kevin seems so out of place with all this madness.

Which brings us to Ava (Maura West), who also doesn’t belong in this picture. The Cassadines are Spencer enemies–not Jerome enemies. Yes, Jason and Sam are not Spencers, but at least Sam is a Cassadine and we know Helena held a supposed-dead Jason hostage for years. They have a connection, so we can buy their presence.

What we can’t buy is Laura removing a bullet from Kevin’s shoulder. She has zero medical training and Kevin wasn’t really in any shape to guide her as he screamed in pain due to no anesthesia.

[relbar link=”
” text=”Lost Beloved Characters: General Hospitals’ Alan Quartermaine.”]Here’s a Band-Aid, Will That Help?
Aren’t they lucky that a mysterious girl offered a first aid kit. Sure, a little Band-Aid and Kevin’s patched right up. Awesome. We’re not even sure where Laura got her anesthetic from to clean Kevin’s wound. However, we are glad Lulu still has her compact. Don’t leave home without it.
As we watched previews for tomorrow’s show and heard Jason say, “I think I found a way off the island” we half expected the Skipper and Mary-Ann to show up to help. Who knows? Maybe that will happen after all.
Join us tomorrow as we recall the tale of our seven stranded castaways…here on Cassadine’s Isle.

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