Days of Our Lives Spoilers

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Talia is Pregnant by Shawn

DAYS spoilers want us to think that Shawn and Belle are reuniting, and Talia has taken a vow never to go near either one of them again. Yeah, that’s not how soaps work. Actions must have consequences, or else what was the point of them happening in the first place? And is there any consequence more soapy than an unexpected baby?

DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Fault Line

Jada (Elia Cantu) proved true to form and, as soon as her sister tried to accept some blame for her actions, dismissed it as being Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) fault for dumping her, Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) fault for talking to her, and, presumably, Roman’s (Josh Taylor) fault for serving alcohol to adults in his establishment.

Talia (Aketra Sevellian) is totes innocent — she was drunk! Drunk people bear no responsibility for their actions. It’s why, if you injure someone by getting behind the wheel while inebriated, you receive a Get Out of Jail card. Because you aren’t to blame. The alcohol did it.

Days of our Lives: Drink Up

Alcohol is also to blame for drunk people not using birth control. Talia and Shawn were pretty drunk. And we know he didn’t use birth control when sleeping with Jan, if he believed he could have been the father of little Shawn Christian. That’s what we call a pattern of behavior.

DAYS Spoilers: Young and Healthy

Shawn already has a grown daughter, while Talia is young and healthy and fertile. Drunk, no birth control, in her twenties…that’s the textbook setup for an unexpected pregnancy. Heck, her sister got pregnant when she supposedly was using birth control. What chance does Talia have?

Shawn is going to be a daddy again. Less than a year after Belle (Martha Madison) and he separated over Jan. As for Talia, she is way, way too immature to be anyone’s parent. She can barely take care of herself, medical degree or no medical degree. Hey, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) are looking to adopt…and the kid will even be a Brady!

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