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Days of Our Lives Fans Have Spoken: Teenage Love Has GOT To Go

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There’s something about that “Days of Our Lives” teen scene that’s just not catching on with fans and it becomes more apparent every day. It doesn’t look like we’re going to get another Bo and Hope, Pete and Melissa, Jennifer and Frankie, or Belle and Shawn out of this crowd and it may be time to face the music.

Soap Hub asked which of the two DAYS teen couples you care about the most and the results were…well…not enthusiastic.

Out of about 2,000 votes, 50% of you enjoy Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) and Theo (Kyler Pettis), but you’re not head over heels for them. You like how they bring out the best in each other and started out as friends, but also fear Ciara’s wild streak and blooming obsession with Chad will break poor Theo’s heart.

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Another 47% of you don’t care about the teen couples–much less the Salem teens–at all. You feel they’ve dominated the show over the last six months and taken away screen time from veteran character and actors who we have more invested in.

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A very small 3%
like Joey (James Lastovic) and Jade (Paige Searcy)–and their wild ways. You see them as rebels without an actual cause, but love their chemistry. However, Joey and Jade fans seem to be a tiny minority and may not have much pull in bringing this pair to supercouple status.

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