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Lifestyle Buying Guide: Pet Lovers Edition Dogs, Cats, and More

We don’t deserve animals. Their unconditional love and devotion can and does teach us to be better humans. Better family. For that alone, they deserve a treat. A puzzle. Good dental hygiene. And Toys. Lots of toys. They deserve the best of care, love, and a wonderful life. If you are looking to reward your precious family member, Soap Hub has some ideas. Here are 9 top items to noodle on.

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Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera with 2-Way Audio is compatible with Alexa translates to a small investment in your fur baby’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. With the 1080p Full HD camera and night vision, you can monitor your pet on your phone day or night. The 2-way audio and barking alert pushes notifications to your phone so you can check on them and keep them calm through your app.

The free Furbo iOS/Android app allows you to toss your pup a treat or play a game of catch from far away. An easy 3-step setup that entails a power outlet using a USB cord, downloading the Furbo app, and connecting to your home wifi makes it simple to install and activate. With the 160-degree view, you can always be connected to warm-blooded furry best friends and they will feel less alone. Priceless!

PetSafe Laser

Cats love to play and can seemingly find joy from anything to do with a light reflected on a wall to an empty box. If you want to give your kitty endless hours of fun get the PetSafe Laser Tail – Laser Pointer Cat Chase Toy. The hands-free toy moves around the floor, creating a variety of patterns designed to keep your fur baby endlessly engaged.

The laser pointer is battery operated requiring 2 AA batteries (sold separately), has an automatic shutoff after 10 minutes to maintain the thrill of the chase, and over-stimulation. Keep your beloved feline healthy, active, limber, and intrigued while giving yourself a break and providing you with endless entertainment.

Mobile Dog Gear Travel Bag

Mobile Dog Gear offers the perfect gift from the pet-loving adventurer always on the go to the practical caregiver always prepared for any emergency or just the average pet owner who likes their fur baby’s company on the go. The Deluxe Quilted Weekend Backpack organizes your pet’s belongings with large storage compartments, with multiple pockets, 2 food carriers, a placemat, 2 silicone collapsible bowls, and room enough for the personals that spell love.

The backpack is designed to meet airline carry-on requirements including a luggage tag, is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, and has room for any of your dog’s needs. Think treats, toys, food, water, leash, harness, umbrella, waste bags, and other essentials. The 2-side mesh pockets, waste bag pocket, and front zip pocket help you organize and plan for whatever you and your pet may need. Get ready to have some fun with your best buddy!

iHeartDogs Dog Memorial

Losing a pet is losing a member of your family. And grief…well grief is handled differently by different people. There is no right or wrong way, but offering support is a hard thing to navigate. The iHeart Dog Memorial Gift, the Forever My Guardian Angel Garden Solar Light Pet Memorial Stone offers a way to let your pet’s memory live on while offering you a peaceful and thoughtful place to grieve.

The beautiful rustic stone design is high-quality and water-resistant, with the structure to place wherever you want, and the warm glow of the lights placed strategically on the wing is a wonderful way to honor the passing of your furry friend and loving family member. The solar panels soak up the sun to illuminate the precious remembrance piece that offers a channel for grief and healing. A wonderful gift that means so much for those who need a place to remember the love of a dear one.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

The URPOWER Car Seat Cover for Pets is a game-changer! For anyone who likes to take their fur babies everywhere, this ingenious invention is easy to install and simple to clean. A 100% Waterproof, weatherproof, non-slip, durable, and safe for your car and your pet. Protects your car against scratching, pet hair, mud, ‘accidents,’ and spills.

The seat cover is 54” W x 58” L and designed effectively to offer 3 layout options: hammock style, car bench, or cargo liner style. It will fit most cars, trucks, and SUVs. It comes with 4 adjustable clips, velcro openings, 2 seat anchors, a storage pocket, and an installation video. Comfortable enough for multiple pets or pets and humans to share. Truly the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life!

SELAPET 5 Piece Grooming Set

Quit trying (and failing) to groom your pet with human grooming products. They are unique and need tools that are designed specifically for them. The SELAPET 5-Piece Pet Grooming Set comes with stainless steel nail clippers and scissors, a dual-sided de-shedding glove, a finger toothbrush with a ring, and a two-headed toothbrush.

Gone are the days where you accidentally injury your pet by clipping their nail incorrectly because you used the wrong size or just the wrong kind of clippers. Make brushing a more loving, efficient, and comfortable experience by using the de-shedding glove. Directly address your pet’s dental hygiene with the right tools and gift them with a long life and good health for a bargain price.

Potaroma 4 Pack Catnip Wall Toys

Is your cat bored, wreaking havoc at the homestead, or just napping too much? Engage your cat with the Potaroma 4 Pack Catnip Wall Toys. Four detachable silvervine balls, and edible kitty toys that work as a teeth cleaning dental toy, chew toys, and cat wall treats in three different flavors: catnip, silvervine, and cat sugar.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, non-toxic, and safe for cats. The balls can be placed on a groove board or wall using sturdy double-sided adhesive tape. You have the option to individually remove a ball for separate use. Whether licking or chewing, it will not harm their gums or teeth. Simply place the cover over that ball when you want your kitty to take a break from the treat or fun.

KitNipBox Monthly Cat Subscription Box

Subscriptions are all the rage. People find it easy to shop in a way that they don’t have to think about. Like keeping your cat happy. The Happy Cat Box from the KitNipBox Store will send the feline pet owner a box each month filled with a variety of 5 custom-designed toys, cat treats, and other goodies for a bargain price!

KipNipBox has surprise themes like back-to-school, picnic, rock n’ roll, and more. Designed after extensive research and quality testing for the safety and health of your kitty. An assortment of toys, interactive, catnip-filled, and wand toys sure to keep your frisky feline fit and joyous. Bonus: they give a portion of their proceeds every month to shelters, rescues, and other cat welfare organizations.

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Sticks

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Fruit and Honey Sticks are triple baked to maintain their freshness and great taste. Each stick comes with a clip holder that you can easily clip to the cage for dispensing. The treat is filled with high-quality specially selected grains, plus vitamins and minerals that your fur baby will find irresistible.

Each snack stick is created to stimulate the guinea pig’s natural instinct to forage, with an all-natural wood stick that provides added taste and crunchiness. There are different flavors to choose from besides the fruit and honey, there is wild berry, apple and orange, peanut, and more. Show your guinea pig some love and check out more of Vitakraft’s edible delights while you are at it!

GloFish Aquarium Kit

If you ever secretly wanted a fish aquarium in your home but talked yourself out of it thinking it would be too difficult or too much maintenance, think again! GloFish’s 5-Gallon Aquarium Fish Tank Kit has everything you need in one box. The kit contains a crescent-shaped tank, a Tetra Whisper bio-bag filter cartridge, a black canopy with a feeding hole, and an energy-efficient blue LED lighting.

The filter pulls water from the tank, pushes it through the filter cartridge, letting the dense, dual-sided mesh catch debris and waste. Hidden blue LED lights incorporated into the hood highlights your fluorescent fish in a dramatic and exciting way. Just having a water feature in your home has a calming quality about it. Talk yourself into one today!

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