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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Flo Fulton

Florence Fulton — a lost soul who found herself at the epicenter of one of The Bold and the Beautiful’s most complicated deceptions. Her quest for redemption and love remains ongoing.

Who Is Flo Fulton?

Florence, better known as Flo, is the only child of Shauna Fulton and Storm Logan, though mother and child remained in the dark about the father’s identity as Shauna had also had an affair with William “Bill” Spencer Jr. around the same time.

The women lived and toiled in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was there where Flo first fell in love. His name was Wyatt, and he was the son of Quinn Fuller, Shauna’s closest friend. The teens grew ever closer as the years passed but were eventually separated when some shady dealings on Quinn’s part forced her and Wyatt to flee the state.

Now alone, Flo spent her post-high school years dealing craps at one of Sin City’s popular gambling establishments. While on the job, she made the acquaintance of Dr. Reese Buckingham and the two quickly became lovers.

With Friends Like These 
Though the affair ended, Flo still harbored feelings for Reese and when he called and begged for her assistance, she complied. However, the task she was assigned — convincing Taylor Hayes that she was a single mother desperate to place her infant in the care of another — didn’t sit well with Flo.

Her unease was compounded when she learned that the babe in question had actually been stolen from the birth mother and replaced with a stillborn. And yet, she continued to stay loyal to Reese and unloaded the little girl.

Familiar Faces
Deciding to start afresh in a new area, Flo decided to permanently relocate to Los Angeles and she quickly set about ingratiating herself to Steffy Forrester — the woman who eventually adopted the baby — and the baby’s natural parents, Hope Logan and Liam Spencer.

She also managed to reconnect with Wyatt, who bolstered her long-held desire to track down her biological father. A DNA test revealed Storm’s identity so Flo was welcomed by the Logans — an event which made her feel all the more guilty for her role in stealing Hope’s child.

The Truth Will Out
When she decided to come clean, Flo was initially stopped by Reese’s daughter Zoe and later, an increasingly hostile Thomas, who threatened her into further submission. When the secret was eventually exposed and Flo’s role explained, she found herself banished from the Logan family and fired from her recently acquired job at Forrester Creations.

Desperate to redeem herself and make amends, Flo attempted to anonymously donate her kidney to an ailing Katie but her actions were revealed post-surgery. Her gift garnered the forgiveness of the organ’s recipient and her aunt Donna; though she was offered only begrudging thanks from Brooke and Hope.

Post-transplant, Flo found it difficult to suppress her feelings for Wyatt and respect his relationship with Sally. During a no-holds-barred heart to heart, the exes decided to reunite but learned, to their great chagrin, that Sally wasn’t prepared to graciously step aside and offer her blessing. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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