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Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers for August 1-5

Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Time!

Welcome to soap shows weekly spoilers update. I’m Tiffany, in for Mike Capozzola this week. I’ve got the latest spoilers updates, the most-talked about soap news, and a prize to give away for you, so stick around — Your soap update is here!

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  1. Norma Pizziment says:

    I think the writers have made Eric such a wimpy character….make him more of a stronger man FULLY IN CHARGE. This stupid romance with Quinn is so awful. Eric is a man in his 60-or 70’s. To see sexual scenes of him in bed with the CRAZIE Quinn is disgusting. Firstly…how does she get away with pushing Deacon off a cliff, and then he comes back to be her friend?? What she did to Liam is jail time. The writers are getting away with writing this stuff. And what kind of a man is Eric to take up with this CRAZIE when he knows what she is capable of when you get her angry. The woman should be in jail. That’s what I mean about Eric..he is thinking of what’s left of his lower matter what…putting himself in a hiding position. You have to lose respect for him because of his stupidity. This is a revolving door of the same people exchanging one another’s partners. Eric should meet a woman in her late 50’s…not this nut job he is hooked up with. Liam needs to get a life. Get over Stephy…she is gone. Why would he want her back after being married to Wyatt. Stop moping around and get your ass in gear. Maybe he should be exposed to some other gorgeous girl in Monaco….it could happen. Then I bet Stephy won’t like it because she wants both brothers cow-towing to her. Wyatt is insecure …that’s why he bends over backwards to constantly give her so much attention. I have gone on too much..but I have been watching for years. Miss Susan Flannery AND I miss Ronn Moss the original RIDGE. This guy always look so disheveled. He is too old for the part and there’s no chemistry between him and Caroline. The Brooke and Bill storyline…is old already. Recylcled affair. She also needs to get a life.

    1. cathy joseph says:

      I totally agree with you!
      I cannot believe the crap these writers put out and expect normal human beings to swallow.
      Also the story between Ridge and Caroline and Thomas is pure filth.
      I totally also detest the stupid character that is bill and how he seem to totally pull the wool over his wife’s eyes and have her begging for their child back.
      Is this some other country or is this USA this story is set in?

  2. Connie Kelso says:

    Don’t bring her back, she’s a trouble maker herself! Stay home Ivy

  3. Norma Pizziment says:

    I think that Eric always makes a fool of himself. His wife had a lot to put up with when he was always looking at other women and having affairs. NOW he picks on the worse NUT JOB to have sex with. What does that say about him as a man…and his judgment..demeanor..a father and grandfather??? It says HE IS A JERK AND AND JUST THINKING OF HIS lower half. It will be interesting to see what Stephy does THIS TIME. QUINN needs to be punished once and for all. Wyatt is so insecure that he bends over backwards to fawn over Stephy..and HE too makes a fool of himself. Liam Needs to find another woman already. What is so terrific about Stephy that he has to dedicate his life over her. ENOUGH ALREADY. BE A MAN AND move on. Back to Eric..he’s a man in his 70’s …how can he totally satisfy the insatiable Quinn???? The writers on this show keeps re-cycling the same lovers.Bill Spencer :& Brooke???

  4. Norma Pizziment says:

    When is Quinn going to pay for all she has done to the Forrester family?? And when is Eric going to show some. common sense ..getting involved with Quinn?? Poor excuse that he was lonely. a fashion house..women all over the place..where Eric can get his needs taken care of. Lost all respect for the character. Of course it’s the INCOMPETENT WRITERS that dig up all this crap. Now Ridge and Caroline quit…what happened to their undying love??? Now we will see him and Brooke get together again. WHEN IS EVERYBODY IN THE OFFICE WORKING?? No bolts of materials…trimming around the desks or sketches all over the place…models coming and going…it s a total disaster. That’s not what fashion houses look like. The storylines have become tedious and boring. Liam needs to move on already…how can you resume what you had..when she is married to his brother and sharing his bed????ugh. But these stupid writers have no decorum or morals and they don’t care. They write on a re-cycle mentality. Miss Susan Flannery and Ronn Moss.

  5. Cheryl says:

    How many times are we going to watch Steffi get her way???? Writers come on do something different and let Steffi be gone and Liam needs to stop being a whimp!!!

  6. Yvette says:

    I hope steffy stays with Wyatt tired of her using Liam love her to get hurt like she’s hurt others