She-Devil Sheila Carter Gets Inside Taylor’s Head

On today’s Bold and the Beautiful episode, Sheila Carter begged Taylor for a little peace, love, and understanding…and when she didn’t get it, she offered up some food for thought.

Bold and The Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition to the upsetting visit Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) paid Taylor Hayes, Katie (Heather Tom) made clear her choice of romantic partner, and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) resolved to stand by her new bestie come what may. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Sheila Carter Draws An Uncomfortable Parallel

The last thing that Taylor (Krista Allen) wanted to deal with — on top of having to talk Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) off the proverbial ledge — was deal with Sheila…but deal with the psycho she must. Granted, Sheila didn’t give her much choice in the matter.

But what was the reason for Sheila’s visit to Dr. Hayes’s office? At first blush, it was so she could convince Taylor to bury the hatchet. When it was clear that that wouldn’t be happening, Sheila delighted in pointing out a fact that had seemingly escaped Taylor — they’re not so different, the two of them.

After all, they’ve both put bullets into people and regretted it afterward. And whether they want to admit it or not, the incident(s) still haunt them. They still keep them up at night. Still cause them to break out into cold sweats and cause their hearts to race.

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Forgiveness is possible, Sheila promises, but only if Taylor forgives herself first. And perhaps once Taylor forgives herself, she’ll be more inclined to forgive Sheila. Maybe she’ll be inclined to realize that Sheila isn’t all bad. Maybe she’ll remember who it was that saved her life when she was dangling from the roof of that hospital. It’ll take time. Sheila knows that. Luckily, she’s got all the time in the world.

B&B Recap: Picky Picky

While Charlie (Dick Christie) may be able to find the humor in the need to beef up security at Forrester Creations, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) cannot. He also doesn’t appreciate the bestowing of the nickname “Little Cheese,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Like Carter, Katie is equally concerned about the new normal — and she’s especially concerned about Bill (Don Diamont). That concerns Carter. And he’s especially concerned to hear that Bill seemed to imply that he’d ditch Sheila if Katie chose to come back to him as a lover. But he shouldn’t be. Quite the contrary.

There’s no way that Katie would ever go back to the likes of Bill after she’s been with Carter, a man who makes her feel loved, and wanted, and safe. A man who’s smart, kind, warm, giving, handsome — really all the adjectives. Also, Katie has finally discovered her worth as a woman and as a human being, and there’s no way that Bill would ever or could ever respect that and/or give her what she so richly deserves. But Carter sure can. And in spades.

Brooke And Taylor Are Proof That Miracles Really Do Happen

Deacon was absolutely heartened that Brooke agreed to swing by Il Giardino and sample some more of the fine cuisine he intends to add to the menu, and he delighted in her presence. How nice it was to have her support. And Hope’s (Annika Noelle). Those women just mean the world to him.

But enough sentiment, Deacon wanted to gossip. He wanted to hear all about the moment that Brooke and Taylor shot Ridge down and everything that’s transpired since, and Brooke was more than happy to oblige — but only after she corrected him. She and Taylor didn’t “shoot Ridge down,” so much as they chose themselves.

That specified, Brooke copped to feeling pretty darn great about her decision. It made her a hero in the eyes of her daughter and grandkids, don’t ya know? They’re all so proud of her. Bonus: she and Taylor have become real close friends. Like sisters, really. Brooke couldn’t be more thrilled.

Brooke also takes that newfound sisterhood very, very seriously. When she goes calling with pizza and finds Taylor in a heap in her office, she demands to know who hurt her and what she can do about it.

It was Sheila, sobs Taylor, who then goes on to recap the enlightening convo the two of them had. You are NOTHING like Sheila, Brooke promises. Furthermore, she swears that she’ll always be around to remind Taylor of that. Brooke’s got her bestie’s back.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sheila Fires A Warning Shot

Though he hates to love her and leave her, Carter does have to unwrap his arms and get going to a meeting. No, worries, assures Katie, except, there is something to worry about.

No sooner has Carter taken his leave than Sheila has taken his place — and she’s got a warning for Katie. Accept her and Bill’s relationship, “or else!”

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