What Does B&B’s Liam Spencer Need Most In His Life?

Liam Spencer is a hot mess.

the bold and the beautiful's liam spencer can use some help.Liam Spencer needs a time out.

Liam Spencer doesn’t seem to know whether he is coming or going on The Bold and the Beautiful. Of course, he is Liam so he also doesn’t know what woman he wants. He thinks he does, but since he changes his mind from minute to minute nobody ever believes him.

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There’s no doubt that Liam (Scott Clifton) has to somehow get his life together, but how is he going to do it — if he is even capable? What does Liam really need most? We asked and you told us.

Liam Spencer Needs To Stop Waffling And Whining

Liam needs to either put up or shut up, say 15% of you. He needs to finally choose between Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle) after all these years and stick with his decision instead of the usual waffling back and forth when the other upsets him. And maybe if he picks one woman, it doesn’t have to be Hope and Steffy. Perhaps he needs to just find someone else. No matter what, she just needs to make up his mind and live with his decisions.

Maybe Forget Women…It’s About The Children

Liam went back and forth between Steffy and Hope so often that he fathered a child with each of them — all within the course of a year. Now, that’s quite a feat even for a soap character. (However, Eric Brady on Days of our Lives may have him beaten in terms of impregnating multiple women within a few months of one another.)

That’s why another 34% of you think Liam should give up on women for a while and just concentrate on trying to be a good father to both Kelly and Beth, even if he isn’t with either one of their mothers.

Liam Spencer Needs To Talk It Out

If Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) can go to therapy and better himself, then so can Liam say 51% of you. Liam is clearly a troubled man and part of his troubles is the inability to admit he is troubled. Admitting it is the first step and Thomas managed to do that. If Liam could just do the same, it would go a long way in fixing himself. Liam’s sense of self-awareness is limited and maybe therapy can help him improve upon that.

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