Should B&B’s Deacon Sharpe Move On With His Life?

Will Deacon make the right choice when it comes to Sheila?

Deacon Sharpe is a lonely man in love on The Bold and the Beautiful. The problem is, he is in love with a known sociopath who has never done any man any good.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Somehow, Deacon (Sean Kanan) managed to let Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) get under his skin. She had him wrapped around his little fingers for a while, but eventually, he had to save himself and turn her in. That doesn’t mean he can’t get her out of his mind, but is it time for Deacon to just forget about her and move on?

Deacon Sharpe Can’t Help Who He Loves

A small 5% of you think Deacon needs to keep pining for Sheila and even make a go of things with her. Sure, she is behind bars and bad news, but Deacon loves her and you can’t help who you love in this world. You know Sheila won’t be in jail for good because she always manages to get free somehow so perhaps Deacon and Sheila can start fresh.

Watch Your Back, Deacon

If Deacon knows what’s good for him, he will stay loyal to Sheila and not move on quite yet, say 7% of you. After all, Sheila doesn’t take kindly to being betrayed and abandoned. She can forgive Deacon his one indiscretion with the FBI, Bill (Don Diamont), and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), but there is no way she will let it go if he leaves her side now. Nope, Deacon is stuck with dangerous Sheila in his life no matter what he wants down the road.

Run, Deacon, Run

Deacon shouldn’t even have allowed himself to have anything he needs to move on from, say an overwhelming 88% of you. He never should have gotten himself mixed up with Sheila in the first place, but that wig and four-toed look must have been extra appealing.

In the end, nothing good ever comes from Sheila and Deacon should have already known that. However, you still feel he has a chance to make a clean break and should.

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