Is Zoe Capable of Change on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Zoe Buckingham feels awful for not being on the up and up with Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful. She accepted his proposal of marriage while wanting to explore a potential dynamic with Zende, resulting in Carter breaking things off with her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Is Zoe (Kiara Barnes) capable of changing and convincing Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) that she’s the woman for him and that she’ll be able to fully commit? Soap Hub posed this question to BB fans. Read on for the results.

Not So Fast

The majority of you, over 55%, say that Carter should take his time before giving Zoe another chance. She’ll need to prove that she’s truly changed. Zoe needs to take some time to prove that what she’s telling Carter isn’t just fluff; he has to know that she really means it.

And, frankly, maybe Carter needs to take some time, too? He hastily asked Zoe to marry him claiming he knew what he wanted. But shouldn’t he have taken time to allow her to get to know him?

This Time Around

Many of you, almost 24%, say that Carter should give Zoe another chance. She’s certainly shown her remorse. Soaps are all about romance and second chances. So why not give it a go. Viewers can see how badly Zoe feels over her actions.

Zende (Delon de Metz) has moved on to a relationship, it seems, with Paris (Diamond White). Carter deserves to be happy, and if he reconnects with Zoe, he’ll be more likely to stay away from Quinn (Rena Sofer)!

Begin Anew

The rest of you, 21%, say that Zoe should cut her losses with Carter and find a new man. She can use the growth and self-discovery this experience has taught her and find someone new. Zoe’s had three failed relationships since she’s been on the show — Xander (Aiden Bradley), Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), and, now, Carter.

Perhaps the best way to show that she’s changed would be to start fresh with a whole new relationship and try to get it right this time! Stay tuned to see what happens next! The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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