Garren Waldo
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Garren Waldo is Soap Hub's very own Southern Fried Spitfire, and he's an expert on all things serialized - from today's delicious offerings all the way back to the genre's glory days. His mastery might have something to do with all those ancient VHS tapes stuffed full of sudsy goodness that belonged to his grandmother and mother - or it can be blamed on the fact that he's never picked up a TV tie-in that he didn't read. Garren recaps each and every episode of Days of our Lives and General Hospital, spoils a plethora of upcoming plotlines, covers news - breaking and otherwise - and he's always quick to offer his sometimes curt, but always heartfelt critique. He knows that it isn't wrong to prefer the original Roman on Days of our Lives, he'll argue up and down that The Doctors always had a leg up on General Hospital, and yes The Edge of Night is far and away the best daytime TV program ever offered. Garren writes our General Hospital recaps each day, as well as our birthday articles, and wayback flashbacks.