Diane Brounstein
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Diane Brounstein is a seasoned writer/editor/researcher with decades of experience in the soap opera industry. She started her career as an intern on three soaps -- Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, and General Hospital, often working in the casting offices. Later, she worked as a senior editor at Soap Opera Magazine and was a managing editor at Sony’s SoapCity Website. She also worked as a researcher on 50 Years of Soaps: An All-Star Celebration for CBS, while spending 10 years working in the research and production end on the Daytime Emmy Awards for Dick Clark Productions, and on Soapography for SoapNet, where she was also promoted to an associate producer. After spending time working on websites for CBS local news sites in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, she moved over to project management for a digital marketing agency. She joined the staff of Soap Hub back in 2016 and spends her days watching soaps with the rest of us. While watching, Diane writes, edits, creates images, interviews your favorite stars, attends soap events for the latest news, and offers insightful commentaries on the goings-on throughout the daytime world.