Young and The Restless Turns 40!


Y and R 40They may not be as young as they used to be, but characters on Y&R are as restless as ever. This March, The Young and the Restless, the #1 daytime drama for more than 24 years, is celebrating 40 years on the air! To celebrate this momentous occasion CBS has launched a 40th anniversary website.

Here fans can enter a trivia sweepstakes, discuss favorite moments and relive the past in photos and videos. Unlike ABC who has canceled two out of their three soap operas, CBS has done a nice job of creating a balance of daytime programming. All is so well at CBS that they have renewed all of their daytime programming for next year.

One of the qualities that make Y&R compelling over the years are there outstanding characters. Since Y&R is turning 40, I have been thinking about many fantastic actors that are over 40! Take Tracey Bregman (Lauren), Tracy is 49 and gorgeous. We love her and Michael together. It has been so nice to see a long-term couple on a soap. Christian LeBlanc (Michael) also looks fantastic at age 55. I wonder if these two have been using some secret Jabot Cosmetics all these years to keep their youthful glow? Hopefully they can survive the stress from their awful son without too much wear and tear to their physique and relationship.

Every soap opera needs a good matriarch and Genoa City has the amazing Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) who is 84 years old. It is no surprise that she is the longest running actor on Y & R. Katherine has endured much strife as she battled alcoholism, love loss, and a child given up at birth. Who can forget her facelift she had on national television? What a brilliant way to get a facelift while charging it to your employer.

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) looks amazing at 47. She has a body that a 20 something woman would be impressed by. Phyllis is overall an awful person, but she looks good while she causing trouble all over town. She has some sort of power over the men in Genoa City. She seems to be able to charm her way back into the bed of many eligible men. Now she and Jack seem to be getting close. When will jack ever learn? It seems like it is about time that poor Jack finds a little romantic happiness. I am not thinking though he will find love with Phyllis.

Doug Davidson (Paul) is 58 and according to my BFF is the best crier in daytime. He can tear up beautifully. But, I am still mad at his decision to break poor Tina’s heart. She stood by her man and he rewarded her by rekindling his feelings for Christine, her best friend. BOO!
Kristoff St. John (Neil) age 46 looks amazing with or without his shirt off. But, he has the romantic attention span of a rabbit lately. He is moving through the ladies and it just doesn’t fit his good guy character. The writers can’t seem to decide his perfect mate, but lets just slow down a bit so we don’t lose all respect for his character.

Daniel Goddard (Cane) 41 maybe a bit sappy at times but he is one cutie Aussie. It probably won’t surprise you that he started his career as a model for companies like Calvin Klein and Dolce Gabbana. His on air wife is only 25 in real life and I have read some comments by fans that he is too old for her. But, I like them together. He is a far better choice than Daniel. I never thought they made a good pair and that new marketing guy with a past shouldn’t be sniffing around other guy’s baby mommas.

Who is your over 40 favorite?

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  1. Excited for the next few years…I have to say for a minute I felt the story lines were drawn out WAY to long…But very happy the way they seem to be headed…Still love chelsey …she got a raw deal….and Please keep billy and Victoria together…they are the CUTEST couple ever…

    • I agree, Billy and Victoria should stay together!!! It works and is great to see. As for Chelsey, yes, she got a raw deal and now pregnant, I think they need to snub Sharon out so she can stop messing everyone else’s relationship’s up. I used to like her, but not anymore.

  2. First let me say, I am amazed you said Phylliss is 47! I thought she was maybe in her early 30’s and not because she looks even that, but for how long she has been on the show, the math just made her that age. You go girl! Love your character also. I am thinking she should hook up with Avery’s lost love, now that would make good writing and havoc in the town. 😉

    But I would have to say my favorite is Nick. He has a killer smile, love his sarcasm and he’s a good guy. Second, I really like Adam. He has turned into a good guy and he was really trying this last time to make amends with Victor and the way he was treated made me not like Victor too much anymore. I would like to see Adam and Chelsea back together, Sharon needs to simply go away, or bring back the Vet from the farm. He was so cute and so sweet.

  3. I, too, think Billy and Victoria should stay together. It would be nice to have a soap that actually keeps a relationship going. I hope Michael and Lauren work things out, they are a great couple! Nicholas has the best smile EVER! Love those dimples, and he is such a gentleman. Sharon needs to disappear back to that Ranch and never come back. She has turned into an awful *&(). Never would have seen that coming. Put Chelsey and Adam back together. Bring Drucilla back! Imagine how wonderful that would be, I mean come on, you have killed and brought back Shelia, Katherine, and Victor so many times, why not Dru, such a great character.

    • I agree .. Been wishing for Drucilla to come back . I was thinking that is why Neil is like going from one to the other he needs to find that love from Drucilla

  4. I like Nick best, but I bet he isn’t over 40! Which makes me a dirty old woman for wondering! That Phyllis does look amazing. I think one of the powers she has with men is her tear away clothes! She can go from fully dressed to undies in less than 7 seconds.

  5. Ive been a fan since the late 70s. The only thing that worries me is the sudden influx of all these new characters all at once. They should’ve kept Tucker Katherine’s, Devon, and Jill’s story lines as well as some of the business stuff. Also, they should’ve kept Ronan and had him really deal with his mother, Nina. Lastly, they should’ve kept the only new character with any potential, Jamie. He could’ve provided story for Paul, Chris and Ronan. Plus, the kid that plays him (daniel polo?) has some serious acting chops!

  6. Get rid of Sharon. She’s a whiny, no talent dishrag who is good for nothing but making me change the damn channel when she comes on. She needs to go NOW!

  7. I hope that Lauren ends this thing with Carmine. Do not like this story line at all. Anyone else feel the same?

    • I hate this storyline. Everytime there is a little marriage problem they shouldn’t have them jumping into bed with another person. I know it happens in real life but not everyone does it. Have her see Fen’s true side, she thinks her child is perfect and could never do those bad things he did. Maybe have Fen turn on her, or have him accidently send those texts to her phone. Why didn’t they get the phone records from Jamey’s phone and see what was written

    • My husband has been watching this with me for years now (he is now disabled & can not work). He gets as worked up over some of the programming just like I do. And, boy, he has no respect for Lauren since she hooked up with Carmine. It keeps us interested and coming back every day……ifc we g out we record it and watch it during our evening meal :-) We agree with just about all the comments about the actors, etc that I have been reading. Keep the Y & R on the air FOREVER Please and thank you ahead of time.

      • Oh….and Katherine is making me too sad and reminding me of my mother who past of Alzheimer’s . It was a horrible struggle that I really don’t want to relive! I’m not to happy to have to see this it’s very painful as it just makes me cry too much.

  8. absolutely love this show! Too be honest all of the reality and game shows are a bit much and I am glad to have at least 1 show to watch along with the 1/2 hour sitcoms that still remain. Hope to have them on for another 40 years…. Oh, and I am only 40 and there are people older than me and teens that enjoy the show, not just old house wifes!! I work full time and DVR the show so I can watch it everyday!

  9. Still love the show! Happy 40 years and many more! Love the characters. Hope you guys put Lauren and Michael back together and keep Nikki and Victor together. You still got it and it is still the show I run home for to enjoy my lunch with. Keep it going!!!

  10. I am 82 y.o. & tired of seeing so much bed-hopping!! I will be forced to quit watching if this continues. Please keep it interesting – but clean!!

  11. My favorite over 40 character is Dylan. Actually, they are all looking great. Happy Anniversary Y&R, may you have 40 more!

  12. Happy 40th anniversary to Y&R. I started watching in 73. Many storylines have had my interest but my all time favorite was when nurse Sheila Carter appeared. Kimberlin Brown did an outstanding job in the role. Hats off to her and for those great memories. Thanks to all who brought us excitement these past 40 years.

  13. I’ve been with Y&R since they went on the air all 40 yrs. I enjoy the show so much my family knows not to call me at the time it airs! They have a few things that I’m not pleased with and I have voiced them before. One is Cane, he need to go, he’s to old for Lilly, plus he’s a sneak, just can’t trust him,I’m sure he still isn’t who he says he is! Next Vickie hair! I love her,but they need to do something with her thick mop head! She needs a short more stylish cut as a young professional! As of this time I’ve very upset because our station WRAL TV5 (CBS) has taken Y&R off for the stinking Basketball games! What I don’t understand is why? Everyone is at work and can’t watch until they get home. So Please tell me Why ? Why not show it in the evening! LEAVE MY SOAP ALONE! It’s the only one I watch! Not everyone is a fan of sports! I bet you have more fans of Y&R then you do basketball! Just saying! Ain’t no time fo dath!

  14. Don’t take it off the air! Then will you replace it with something like The View” or “The Talk” or some similar Silly time filler!!!!

  15. I can’t stand this influx of kids from the Hollywood Heights or wherever they are coming from. Most can’t even act. I love all the old characters and believe they should be kept around. I disagree about Drucilla. I think Victoria Rowell burned her bridges and I for one don’t want her back. Congratulations Y&R for 40 great years. I haven’t missed much of it.

    • Jody, I agree. I like Neil and Leslie. They are too cute together. I’m not a Sharon fan either, but they should bring back the Vet from the farm. Maybe he’ll end up with a few wives too. Starting with Phyllis. LOL I’m a huge huge Phyllis fan. Good or bad, I’m always on her team!

  16. I have a question. I am THINKING that when Victor first came on the show he was a very cruel person, even held a beautiful young woman hostage in a basement or somewhere. Can you please find out for me? I have watched TYandTR since day one. Thanks!

  17. OUCH……it’s HOT…HOT…HOT…Lauren @Carmine…omg……as for post about Vicki’s hair “shut up”…she is beautiful with her long hair …yes professionals have long beautiful locks…love the story line watch or dvr to watch everyday….I can’t get enough..of this show…!… it

  18. I am so sick of Carmine. Lauren is not very strong but he should respect her if he really cares. I think he’s just a whorny dog.