Tensions Still Run High At The Young & The Restless


With two popular characters, Michael Muhney (aka Adam Newman), and Billy Miller (aka Billy Abbott) being fired, it seems not only the fans but also the cast and crew are all up in arms about the rumors floating around on the internet about why they were both let go.

We know that reports regarding Michael Muhney allegedly groping and sexually harassing a female co-star and the co-star threatening the producers she would go to the police and file a report if they did not fire him. Well, the next thing we know Muhney’s last air date was January 30, 2014.

Billy Miller has said to have been fired because he was asking for more money than what Y & R was willing to pay him. There has been nothing to prove these allegations. Miller has said that Y & R has always given him time off in the past to pursue other acting obligations. Although we all adored Miller playing Billy Abbott and we definitely loved the chemistry between Billy and Victoria, we now have to get used to a new Billy. But don’t worry it shouldn’t take anybody very long to get used to the new Billy. The new Billy is no stranger to the Y & R set or the character. David Tom played Billy Abbott from 1999 – 2002.

As for Michael Muhney, he has not responded to any of the alleged accusations against him except to ask that his privacy be respected and that we allow him time to work through this difficult time with his family.

Eric Braeden has not been keeping his feelings regarding the allegations against Muhney to himself. According to internet speculation, Braeden has said that Muhney tried to get him fired, and the two were seen getting into very loud altercations on set. There even has been speculation and rumors that Braeden tried to get Muhney fired. But in Braeden’s words “We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie.”

Kristoff St. John is also fighting back and set to Twitter asking Muhney to “Please set the record straight.” St. John has also taken to his Facebook page and posted a very long response regarding the tensions at the Young and The Restless and how he would like everyone to please work together. It is very well written and very respectful.

With all of this happening on the set of  The Young and The Restless, now rumors have started to surface that Jill Ferran Phelps may be the next Y & R family member to be released from their position. Questions have come to light as to what and if Ferran Phelps knew of the allegations against Muhney and if she was aware of the allegations, for how long. Another question that comes to mind, why? Why did she wait so long to do something about the allegations? Why did she sweep it under the rug and let this young co-start have to keep working side by side Muhney day after day. Why did she wait to fire Muhney until his contract expired? I guess we may not have the answers to these question for a very long time, if at all, but we  will be keeping these questions and more in the back of our minds and watch for the unfolding answers on the day to day lives of The Young and The Restless.

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2 years 1 month ago

I have watched Y&R for many years, Yes bring back the old Billy, Phyllis, and Adam !! They were the ones that make the show interesting. You never know what they would be up to next,
It was like I couldn’t wait for the next day to come just to see what was going to happen next with them.
And get rid of some of the kids.
As of now Y&R is not very interesting to watch !!

Karen McD.
Karen McD.
1 year 11 months ago
Being back the old Billy!!!!!!! Bring back Adam! The new Billy is boring no expressions like a little boy not as aggressive at all like the old Billy! Bring Phyllis out of her coma. Please don’t replace her with a new person! We want all the old players! The show is not as exciting without them. Please don’t replace Phyllis we need to see Red come back! She has helped make Young and restless since she has been on! I need old Billy! I need Adam! I surely need RED! BRING THEM ALL BACK! YOUNG AND RESTLESS BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!