Breaking: Kimberly McCullough Leaving GH Again!


Robin and Patrick’s happy reunion will soon be coming to an abrupt halt. After all the fanfare of her return, Robin is again leaving Port Charles. McCullough is getting ready to direct a feature film and doesn’t have time for both jobs. This news was not a surprise to the executives at General Hospital, as they always knew how much time they would have with the actress.

McCullough recently told Soaps in Depth, “I only have two more weeks left. Next week and the week after.” General Hospital experienced a ratings boost when Robin returned, but was it worth it? Fans are going to be mad that the character was back for such a short amount of time. I personally do not want pivotal actors on the show just appearing just long enough to screw up the storylines and then leave again. How do you feel?

McCullough was asked how she would be written out this time and she told Daytime Confidential, “Robin’s leaving because of her love for another character that is not Patrick on the canvas.” So, who is this love that would cause her to leave Patrick and poor little Emma? It doesn’t make sense. McCullough says it is not goodbye but rather see you later. What on earth would tear Robin away from her family now that she just got them back? The love for her father Robert? Since Tristan Rogers has left the show perhaps Robin can go off screen to help her father.

Patrick, Emma, and Robin will not ride off into the sunset together.  As a fan of the show, would you rather take Robin when she can be on the show or just cut the ties and have Patrick fully move on? Does this mean a future for Sabrina and Patrick? Can Sabrina forgive Patrick and take him back? Wouldn’t she always be concerned that he will chose Robin over her again in the future?

Sabrina is carrying Patrick’s child and made a wonderful mother figure to Emma, however I don’t think the writers will just throw them back together right away.  With Teresa Castillo  being pregnant in real life she will be eventually be departing the show for maternity leave.   How do you think the writers will handle the situation?

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  1. For all you people that kept pumping Robin up: Good!!!!! He should have never chose Robin; then she should have left; and he and Sabrina would have been married; and parents to their beautiful baby!!!!!

  2. She’s leaving to save Jason who is frozen alongside Helena and Stavros Cassadine. This cryogenics thing is a bit of a stretch for me to handle, I wish they kept the storylines more realistic! This is how they keep the revolving door of actors going…freeze them, then they can thaw them out as needed! I just hope the writers keep it real and not go off on some weird, unbelievable storyline like last time! They will definitely lose viewers then!